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Welcome to Real Estate Friday!

Mary Jane White and Cristian Sanchez of Cohen+White Associates offer a move-in-ready, beautifully maintained mid-century modern contemporary with great design and stunning views. An analysis of first quarter 2024 real estate sales. Architect Pamela Sandler transforms a dark, compartmentalized condo into a light, bright and open home. Plus, recent sales, gardening columns and more.

More on the acquisition of the ‘Standing Lincoln’ by the Stockbridge Library

Stockbridge resident Jean Rousseau gives us the backstory of the acquisition of the "Standing Lincoln" statue by the Stockbridge Library.

Business Briefs: SoCo Creamery flavor party; wine and spirits fair; BNRC conservation gathering; Community Film Fund launch; ‘Standing Lincoln’ acquisition

The Community Film Fund is a matching fund to help nonprofits in the Berkshire region create impactful videos for their branding, marketing and social media.

CONNECTIONS: Berkshire road trip! Part II

Lenox is known as a Gilded Age resort and many of the mansions are restored and open.

Bits & Bytes: French biography launch; ‘Leon: The Professional’ at Big Elm Brewing; medical cannabis talk; International Women’s Day celebration

For the first time since the program’s inception, a medical marijuana dispensary, Still River Wellness, will open in nearby Torrington, providing more access for residents interested in becoming patients.

Bits & Bytes: Chesterwood exhibition; ‘Children of the Moon’; Mass Audubon climate cafe; WAM Theatre Elder Ensemble

Taking its name from Du Bois poem “Children of the Moon,” which appeared in Du Bois’ book “Darkwater” in 1920, the event is part of a larger three-day program that brings students together for an exploration of Du Bois’ life, work and legacy.

BerkShares Business of the Month: Chesterwood

The first retail location to carry BerkShares postcards, Chesterwood supports BerkShares as a marketing opportunity to reinforce the connection to the Berkshire economy.

Preserve the statues of Confederate officers

In her letter to the editor, Susan Bachelder writes: "We are not much better than ISIS in Palmyra, destroying artifacts of a culture with which we disagree."

A message of thanks on behalf of youth and history

In his letter to the editor Will Conklin writes: “Greenagers has worked since 2009 to engage teens and young adults in meaningful work in environmental conservation, sustainable farming, and natural resource management.”

Bits & Bytes: First Fridays Artswalk; Chesterwood/Boston Athenaeum collaboration; Ghana ThinkTank at WCMA; American Brass Quintet at Hotchkiss; Gabriel Squalia book launch; Deborah Hanlon...

Williams College Museum of Art commissioned the project with Ghana ThinkTank as part of the 2016–17 campus-wide academic program called “Confronting Climate Change,” a series of events, talks, and initiatives aimed at raising issues around climate change.

Bits & Bytes: Daniel Chester French biography; book award for Lee Buttala; HospiceCare gala; CSB annual dinner

Proceeds from the gala will be used to expand and continue HospiceCare in the Berkshires' community programs of bereavement services.

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