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International Film Festival: The Berkshire County connection

"Cold Wallet" Production Manager Lizzy Aspenlieder Aspenlieder described the Berkshire International Film Festival as “a melting pot for some of the most talented artists in the world.” “There is something for everyone at this festival,” she said. “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

NATURE’S TURN: Eat the summer sun’s glitter–to sparkle

Halfway between the summer solstice – the longest day of the year – and the autumnal equinox -- the time of equal day and night –this gardener is feeling swept up in the incoming high tide of growth, maturation and ripening.

Agricultural Adventures: Sean Stanton — farmer, selectman, father

Stanton is not just a successful farmer. He credits his interest in serving on town boards to the model set by his parents, who have always taken into their home people who need help in various ways.

Culinary Adventures: The Monterey General Store

Monterey -- Monterey is not just on the way from Great Barrington to Jacob’s Pillow. It’s a picturesque town with about 900 full-time residents whose...

Back to the future of Berkshire food

The Berkshires Agricultural Society was founded in 1811 for the purpose of experimentation and improvement of all things edible — on the hoof, off the stalk, or out of the ground.

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