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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on CMC:Berkshires—where science plus kindness equals change

Now in its 10th year, the Center for Motivation and Change provides comprehensive, cutting-edge, research-supported treatment for people struggling with substances or trauma in its New Marlborough facility.

Town to take the edge off – its new curbing

Great Barrington is buffing the edges of its new granite Main Street curbing that has punctured so many tires since MassDOT installed it last year. The town took action now that the DOT has signed off on the project.

News Brief: Curb bites tire — again

So far, the town has declined to take action on numerous reports of tires being damaged by sharp curb edges.

Tiregate: Town takes wait-and-see approach to sharp curbs, punctured tires

“The type of curbing was the town’s decision. They chose a MassDOT-standard granite curb… All designs applied on this project are per the town’s hired designer.” --- Judith Riley, MassDOT spokesperson

Curb cuts anger drivers parking in Great Barrington

One Seward’s Tire employee said it was not uncommon to see four damaged tires in one day.

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