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Inside The Dream Away Lodge on opening night

“I think there's so many people who meet here and end up falling in love,” says Dan Giddings, new partner at the legendary establishment. Friendships start here, he says.

It’s Not That Simple: Food doesn’t grow in grocery stores

We thought at the beginning of a new year, we should give thanks for the food we eat, and acknowledge the hard work it takes to produce that food.

Bobbie Hallig to receive the 2019 Edwin A. Jaffe Award at Berkshire South

For Bobbie, the circle spreads as we inspire one another.

Local food businesses rely on community, creativity to weather the unpredictable Berkshire off-season

So the next time your family (or belly) asks what’s for dinner, fear not: Creative, local options abound, which means you can think outside the kitchen—and the box—and make it through March well-fed and ready to tackle the long-awaited spring.

SUSTAINABLE BERKSHIRES: The Berry Patch and Wyomanock Farm ‘Celebrate Stephentown’

The Berry Patch is an amazing farm. The owners are innovators. The farm is the leader in pesticide-free berry production in the nation.

Berkshire Grown farm tour shows collaboration among area farmers is alive and well

“Our day is about collaborating — in particular the collaboration of farmers,” said Barbara Zheutlin, executive director of Berkshire Grown, to an impressive group of participants who gathered at Sky View Farm in Sheffield to kick off the day-long farm tour.

NATURE’S TURN: White Goose stars at area farmers’ markets

Once upon a time, Kate hatched and raised a beloved Shetland goose, a rare breed that, fitting a fairy tale, lives on as the namesake and mascot for White Goose Gardens.

The Self-Taught Gardener: Slow Flowers

Of late, a new movement, Slow Flowers, has been giving local a new dimension. Local flowers have become just as popular as their vegetable counterparts.

Herbs for every season: The Berkshires’ first botanical CSA

You won’t find weekly pickups at Medicine Buddha Botanicals, nor will you find baskets of farm-fresh veggies. Rather, this CSA has just four pickups a year and they’re filled with tinctures, salves, teas and other goodies.

BerkShares Business of the Month: Indian Line Farm

“Community Supported Agriculture is a relationship between farmers and consumers. It is sharing the risk and also sharing the bounty... the term was literally coined in my dining room in 1986.” -- Elizabeth Keen, owner of Indian Line Farm in South Egremont, Massachusetts

Our food supply’s unsustainable reliance on fossil fuels

In his letter to the editor, Dennis Irvine writes: “Establish, encourage and empower farming and food transport that reduces or eliminates fossil fuel use.”

Voice of the land welcomes new steward

In his letter to the editor, John Donovan writes: “There is a wonderfully growing appreciation for Organics today. Simply put, organic farming is the creation of new soil through wise, natural, husbandry and farming techniques.”

SUSTAINABLE BERKSHIRES: Brattle Farm, a green treasure where you’d least expect it

Donna Chandler and her husband, Bill, owners of Brattle Farm, bought the land 10 years ago when it was a series of hay fields.

Indian Line Farm takes a sabbatical

The land will appreciate a break and chance to rejuvenate and so will I.

Culinary Adventures: Indian Line Farm, CSA pioneer

This year there are 140 members who pick up their shares on Tuesday or Friday from June 1 through to the end of October. Indian Line also offers working shares, which is a discount in exchange for 30 hours of work on the farm. Some people will work the barn on pickup days, and others help in weeding or harvesting.

CSA’s ensure future food supply

In her letter, Joyce Scheffey of Great Barrington writes: "The CSA is a good way, perhaps the only way, for a community to ensure its food well into the future."

Culinary Adventures: Laura Meister’s Farm Girl Farm

There are many paths to becoming a farmer but Meister’s struck me as delightfully unusual – she majored in Art History at the University of Pennsylvania, and went on for a Masters degree in the same field at Tufts.

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