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Native Son comes home: Arlo Guthrie’s historical artifacts on display at exhibit

The “Native Son” exhibit, curated by Arlo's daughter Annie Guthrie, includes artifacts and memorabilia from the Arlo Guthrie Family Archives from Arlo's career, including handwritten lyrics, photographs, correspondence with musicians such as Pete Seeger, and shirts worn on album covers. 

NATURE’S TURN: Back to the land in May – polyculture feeds body and spirit

Mostly cool weather is predicted for early May, ideal for continuing to prepare ground and sow cool-weather varieties, albeit at a faster clip.

NATURE’S TURN: Cover crops for the home gardener

During summer months I broadcast crimson clover seed between crop rows. This beautiful plant not only fixes nitrogen in the soil – i.e., we grow our own fertilizer – it keeps weeds down and is a good cut flower.

NATURE’S TURN: Sow crops for late summer, autumn and winter food. A new book inspires

In many area gardens, beds of early beets, carrots, turnips and garlic bulbs will be harvested between now and early August, challenging us to choose short-season and frost-hardy varieties for continuous planting.

NATURE’S TURN: Nature turns on the edge of freezing – a photo essay

Keying out the details of what remains of the plant on the stormy day on which I write of this discovery, observation points to the noveboracensis, a phenomenal New York Ironweed. I am eager for a close look during the 2019 growing season.

NATURE’S TURN: A full plate

Onions and potatoes, tomatoes and basil, cucumbers and kale, snap beans and zucchini fill dinner plates and overflow salad plates as the growing season peaks.

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