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Selectmen frustrated by glacial pace of Housatonic School reuse proposal

The plan, the only one the town has so far received after several requests for proposals, calls for an adaptive reuse of the vacant 110-year-old school on Pleasant Street in the center of the village of Housatonic.

Three recreational trails among 10 projects vying for Community Preservation funding

This year, the CPA application requests from the town of Great Barrington and other organizations totaled more than $1 million.

Immigration, zoning, CPA highlight Great Barrington Annual Town Meeting

The town's proposed policy says the Police Department will treat undocumented citizens like everyone else and will not be an arm of ICE (the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency).

Great Barrington to vote on array of CPA projects

Among the projects that would receive support from the CPA are elderly housing at Bostwick Gardens, Lake Mansfield improvements, Great Barrington Historical Society, Great Barrington Land Conservancy, Town Hall repair, an elevator for Rubin Mill building in Housatonic, Berkshire Natural Resources Council and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

It’s time for Pittsfield to say ‘yes’ to CPA

In her letter to the editor, Sara Clement writes: "The Community Preservation Act is a piece of legislation that actually does what it says. It preserves communities. It preserves neighborhood fabric."

Pittsfield needs the Community Preservation Act

When you see what the Community Preservation Act has done for other communities that adopt it, you realize the potential that it has for Pittsfield. A YES Vote on Question 5 truly is a no-brainer.

Pittsfield needs Community Preservation Act

In her letter to the editor, Danielle Steinmann writes: “I have experienced first-hand the benefits of CPA funding across the state.”

In GB vote schools lose; town budget, gas tax and preservation projects approved

“Capitalism has its limits. I’m a capitalist but it has to end somewhere. In this case I am for spending taxpayer money.” -- George Beebe, speaking on behalf of granting $170,000 of Community Preservation Act money to Windy Hill Farm for an Agriculture Preservation Restriction

Eight CPA projects worth $776,000 before GB voters at Town Meeting

More than half the CPA funds would go to applicants for two affordable housing projects due to what the CPA committee believes is their “immediacy” and “need.”

CPA recipient thanks Great Barrington voters

We are grateful that the [CPA] funds will help pay for the new slate roof for the church and parish hall as we move ahead to repair, renovate and transform the big beautiful buildings on the corner of Main Street and St. James Place/ Taconic Avenue.

Town Meeting to vote on 9 CPA-funded projects totaling $867,000

“The historic character of the town, open space and recreation are absolutely critical components for the economy and this is one way to underwrite that quality of life. A vote for or against any of these projects does not impact your tax bill. CPA funds have already been collected since 2012, and will continue to be collected. We have nine worthy projects to start spending the money on.” -- Great Barrington Town Planner Christopher Remold

Bits & Bytes: CPA presentations; Flying Deer Nature Center events; Bidwell House internships  

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is a cooperative town and state funding program by which communities may fund projects for open space preservation, creation of affordable housing, preservation of historic buildings and landscapes, and the creation of recreational resources.

Great Barrington CPA Committee approves 9, rejects 2 preservation projects

The Wetherbee Vault was immediately turned down after the committee learned from Department of Public Works (DPW) Director Joseph Sokul that the Cemetery Commission all along had enough money to take care of the deteriorating vault.

GB CPA Committee rejects 3 late applications, accepts 13 for review

"We are always working on multiple funding streams: grants from many sources and direct fundraising from individuals and businesses. We're an all-volunteer effort, working as a community to build a community resource. We'll keep working.” -- Great Barrington Fairgrounds Co-founder Janet Elsbach, after GBFG application was rejected for being late

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