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Great Barrington remembers, honors those who served

“Memorial Day is an emotional time,” said co-organizer Elizabeth Shaker. “I know the weather forecast looks bad, but we’re going to keep marching. The veterans did under bad circumstances, and so will we."

Illuminating the Hidden Forest Chapter 12: I’m not afraid of bears

I’m not sure what I would do if I encountered a bear, but my childhood fantasy is that I’d talk to it nicely and it would know that I meant it no harm.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 9: Newts

Sometimes the newts come out before the rain as though trying to get a head start on their journey. How do they know that rain will come?

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 2: Varnish cap mushrooms and hollow stumps

There they were, with many names: varnish cap, Reishi, and most exotic, Lingzhi, beloved mushroom of Chinese emperors for 2000 years.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 1

Lily and I discovered the big, messy, seething forest that lies behind the few houses that dot our road. I’m talking about hundreds of acres of forest connected to thousands and hundreds of thousands of acres of forest stretching northward through Vermont, into Canada, beyond the Yukon, and clear to the North Pole.

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