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CONNECTIONS: A tale of two 19th-century Berkshire women

One had a solid impact on Berkshire County and her generation. While the other, although more famous, may have had no impact on the county at all. You decide.

Selectmen frustrated by glacial pace of Housatonic School reuse proposal

The plan, the only one the town has so far received after several requests for proposals, calls for an adaptive reuse of the vacant 110-year-old school on Pleasant Street in the center of the village of Housatonic.

Library trustees letter inaccurate; Karen Smith expects a ‘public retraction and apology’

The accusations came to a head earlier this month when the selectboard held a hearing to consider calls for her removal from the housing authority. Some witnesses vouched for Smith's integrity and hard work but others accused her of practicing nepotism, creating an environment of "toxicity," and exhibiting "aggressive and hostile behavior."

Selectboard listens to complaints about HA chair’s leadership style but declines to remove her

Selectboard Chair Steve Bannon agreed that Housing Authority Chair Karen Smith's transgressions do not rise to the standard for removal under state law.

100 Bridge Street project receives more than $15 million in state funding for affordable housing

The funds will provide the final financing for the $17.2 million 100 Bridge Street project that will build 45 new affordable rental units and simultaneously remediate the entire 8-acre site.

Town hall briefs: special town meeting items; pot shop host agreements; relocation of town employees from old firehouse

Sean VanDeusen, who heads the town Department of Public Works, said contractors currently performing work on Town Hall found the chimneys "to be in worse shape than previously thought." Two of the chimneys need to be completely rebuilt.

Three recreational trails among 10 projects vying for Community Preservation funding

This year, the CPA application requests from the town of Great Barrington and other organizations totaled more than $1 million.

Great Barrington Town Hall briefs

Sean Van Deusen, who heads the Great Barrington Department of Public Works, told the selectmen the sewer rate increase was necessary in order to fund debt incurred because of a mandated sewer system upgrade.

Great Barrington to vote on array of CPA projects

Among the projects that would receive support from the CPA are elderly housing at Bostwick Gardens, Lake Mansfield improvements, Great Barrington Historical Society, Great Barrington Land Conservancy, Town Hall repair, an elevator for Rubin Mill building in Housatonic, Berkshire Natural Resources Council and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

Affordable housing, historic sites earn GB Community Preservation nod

One cannot swing a cat in town lately without hitting a controversy: Michelle Loubert complained that using CPA funds to finance repair of the historic Unitarian Universalist Meeting House in Housatonic violated separation of church and state.

Great Barrington CPA committee focuses on need for affordable housing — mostly

Given the tight budget, most applicants will get partial funding and two projects were essentially chucked, though no formal votes were taken.

Preservation dilemma: Worthy projects, not enough money

“I’m not here to give out money because people applied,” she said. “I’m here to give out money because it’s best for the town.” -- Community Preservation Committee member Kathleen Jackson

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