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Special needs performing arts camp seeks children to participate

Pizzi invites neurodivergent children, children with autism who have low support needs, and any child with a disability to join the camp, which is free, and set to run August 5 through 9 at Berkshire Community College.

Opening the Weedgates IV: A Whole Foods conversation about a Walmart issue

Human beings are inclined to assume that our own lived experience reflects that of everyone else’s. We—the people who write and think about pot and have enough money to open stores that sell it—are blind to the “other” in our midst.

David Rhind, 65, of Stockbridge, former chef at Red Lion Inn

David was a chef at the Red Lion Inn for many years and was known for his award-winning apple pies, a favorite of the late Jane and Jack Fitzpatrick.

REVIEW: Janet Reich Elsbach’s ‘Extra Helping’ incredibly thoughtful with practical advice

In a world where many find it increasingly hard to connect, Elsbach sees food as a great connector, one capable of spanning even the greatest divides.

‘Travel training’ needed for public transit

In his letter to the editor Tate Coleman writes: “One of the reasons people may choose not to utilize public transit in rural areas is they may not know about the system.”

Reformer Judith Knight running for Berkshire County District Attorney ‘to get real change’

A Lee resident, Knight has, since 2006, been in private practice in Great Barrington. About 80 percent of her practice has been in criminal defense, with most of the remainder of her practice in mediation.

High times for Great Barrington? Pot shop proposals proliferate

After the planning board crafted a set of zoning regulations to deal with pot earlier this year, the selectboard reviewed them and most thought the regulations were a bit too lax since they would allow cultivation by-right in too many zones.

‘People Govern, Not Money’ initiative qualifies for 2018 ballot

Nineteen states and over 800 cities and towns have passed 28th Amendment resolutions with cross-partisan support. In Montana and Colorado, voters have approved 28th Amendment ballot initiatives by 75–25 percent.

New scholarships awarded for first generation college-goers at MMRHS

Recipients will be called the Chang-Chavkin Scholars after Arnie Chavkin and Laura Chang, founders and funders of the program and part-time residents of New Marlborough.Students selected will receive a total of $60,000, $15,000 per year for all four years of college.

Clayton Halden Chrisman, 45, of Sheffield

Clayton was always entrepreneurial and a bit of an iconoclast. He was witty, kind beyond description and a lover of music.

Joy E. Fox, 92, of Lenox

She enjoyed the Berkshires, the history of cottages, and loved driving through her beautiful Berkshires.

BCD joins national student walkout calling for strict gun controls, safer schools

Thousands of students nationwide are protesting the epidemic of school shootings. Gun violence in schools and the slaughter of school children has become a weekly affair. So far in 2018 there have been 20 school shootings, an average of 1.25 per week.

News Analysis: The Great Barrington marijuana wars

The Planning Board had a frank and often tense discussion with outgoing Selectboard Chairman Sean Stanton over which board should be the special permit-granting authority for marijuana establishments.

Another Berkshire pot emporium: Sheffield distiller proposes marijuana facility

As required of anyone seeking a cannabis license in the state, Christopher Weld and Micheal Cohen of Berkshire Welco held a public information session Tuesday night at Sheffield Town Hall.

IN THE FIELD: Sandhill cranes

This is not a bird one associates with the Northeast. Sandhill cranes breed across most of Canada into Alaska, dropping down into the upper Midwest and the Mountain West.

Martha Klay wins nurse practitioner award for excellence

This is the first time someone from Western Massachusetts has been chosen, and it’s the second time Klay has been awarded.

Lea Zavattaro, 102, of Lee

Mrs. Zavattaro enjoyed cooking and spending time with her friends and family over a cup of coffee.

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