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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on New Marlborough Meeting House—”preserving history, celebrating cultural creativity”

Almost two hundred years later, the Meeting House is still celebrated as a sacred space vibrant with programming to serve the local and surrounding communities.

Egremont Green News: Climate activism rising all around us

You don’t have to look far for organizations pushing for solutions—there are lots of exciting opportunities to engage.

Gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez pledges to stop expansion of gas pipelines, urges investment in renewable energy

When asked about one of the biggest, and longest running, environmental issues in the Berkshires—cleaning up the Housatonic River from PCB pollution dumped decades ago by General Electric—Gonzalez said he agrees with local communities and the EPA that the toxins should be “safely disposed offsite.”

Restrictions of solar energy injure the future generation

In his letter to the editor, Aaron Thier writes: "I do not accept the proposition that spurious aesthetic concerns justify limiting, even to a small extent, our capacity to generate clean energy."

Otis voters overwhelmingly endorse $6.4 million wind power project

“The wind turbine is better than mowing down 200 acres of trees for a solar array, and has minimal impact to the environment for the same amount of electricity.” -- Chris Bouchard, former highway superintendent and member of the Energy Committee.

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