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Welcome to Real Estate Friday!

Kate Lascar of Berkshire Property Agents offers one of Great Barrington’s classic Victorian beauties in immaculate condition. An analysis of first quarter 2024 real estate sales. Architect Pamela Sandler transforms a dark, compartmentalized condo into a light, bright and open home. Plus, recent sales, gardening columns and more.

Five Writing (and Living) Lessons from Dr. King’s ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’

MLK wrote his letter in great discomfort, from jail, on the margins of a newspaper, then on scraps smuggled in here and there, until finally he was given a pad of paper.

The U.S. Constitution defines the moral spine of the nation

In a letter to the editor, Cynthia Felleisen writes: "The spine is the central issue. Preserving that spine is the responsibility of every able, discriminating, concerned, well-informed citizen."

Stockbridge has chance to affirm American values by voting to rename school after W.E.B. Du Bois

In his letter John Whalan writes: "Through his co-founding of the NAACP and his extraordinary scholarly work he advanced our American ideals." 

A legacy of greatness: Community celebrates W.E.B. Du Bois’ 151st birthday

It was an afternoon of speakers and performers, ranging from scholars and academics to relatives, activists and musicians. And it was topped off by a birthday cake reception, complete with a rendition of Happy Birthday that somehow inspired even the tone-deaf to sing in key.

In Great Barrington, interfaith community celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘dream’

On the musical agenda was “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing,” the NAACP anthem written by Great Barrington resident James Weldon Johnson.

Mary Gendler: A life of peaceful protest

It was during an audience with the Dalai Lama the very next month that the Gendlers suggested the Tibetans might have more success if they learned new ways to struggle nonviolently.

Harrington has vision, commitment, determination for DA’s office

Andrea's plans for reforming the district attorney's office reflect the changes in the criminal justice system that many people, especially people of color, are seeking at the local level.

True colors

Heading into yet another important election cycle, the midterms, it’s vital that we as individuals investigate for ourselves what a candidate’s ‘true colors’ might be based not on promises or expressed rhetoric.

PART III: The complicated, controversial politics of W.E.B. Du Bois and his passion for social justice

Certainly Great Barrington can simultaneously recognize his flaws and faults while also finding ways to remember publicly, in a permanent way, his profound contributions to the struggle to push the United States to live up to its founding ideals, particularly regarding the plight of African-Americans.

Monument graduate Liam Forland’s ‘Let’s Talk About It!’ — Facing up to racism

“The impact that [Liam] has had on the kids is truly remarkable. They have grown tremendously as young men and learned so much about themselves and the world around them." -- Monument Valley Regional Middle School educator Kim Cormier

Renowned journalist April Ryan urges Simon’s ‘Rockers’ to be ever-curious

While based in the White House, Ryan has covered the last four presidents. She is one of the longest serving members of the White House Press Corps and is the only African-American to have reported daily from the White House for over 20 years.

MMRHS senior Sophie Shron earns award for W.E.B. Du Bois mural

“This was my opportunity to teach Great Barrington the relevance of Du Bois’ writing, especially in today’s political climate. The community has had nothing but wonderful reactions, and it was very rewarding to have the opportunity to educate people through art and to see their reactions to it.” — Monument Mountain Regional  High School senior Sophie Shron

‘The Children’s March’ film screening to support National School Walkout

'The Children's March' shows a critical moment in history when children had a significant impact on the Civil Rights movement.

Pops Peterson: Art as a force for social change

Pops Peterson's critically acclaimed series “Reinventing Rockwell” was driven by his mission not only to update the paintings to reflect modern-day advances, but also to show the evolution of gender roles, sexuality and ethnic diversity. 

News Briefs: Legislature to consider ‘An Act to Strengthen Civil Rights’; Lenox Dems to caucus

Late Wednesday evening, the legislature’s Joint Committee on the Judiciary favorably reported H.767, ‘An Act to Strengthen Civil Rights,’ moving it closer to a floor vote.

CONNECTIONS: Sexual harassment, an American tradition

This is a backlash; this is pent-up demand, not for widgets, but for justice and respect.

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