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I WITNESS: What will it take to ban assault weapons?

Welcome to the new America: a breeding ground for vitriol, animosity, and homicidal rage.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Will coronavirus have a lasting impact on stocks?

As big as the physical impact is, the psychological problem of the coronavirus may have an even larger impact.

NATURE’S TURN: Flowers and forage for mid-winter holidays

Forsythia, and many other woody stems. their winter buds fully formed, can be “forced” to flower any time after they have undergone freezing weather

CAPITAL IDEAS: Pegging inflation

Oh, and another reason the stock market isn’t poised for underperformance is because the Fed doesn’t care much about inflation right now.

Illuminating the Hidden Forest, Chapter 29: Trees and the art of aging

We humans and other creatures of the animal and insect world, it seems, are programmed to decline in age. But is our decline inevitable?

CAPITAL IDEAS: The first five days

My concern is that the Fed will begin to gain comfort in the functioning of short-term interest rates, then decide to reduce the balance sheet just before a shock coincides with less liquidity and super-high stock valuations.

CAPITAL IDEAS: What happens to stocks after Middle East crises?

The U.S. produces about 13 million barrels per day and consumes 21 million, so higher oil prices could depress economic growth. But I’m not worried about that yet.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Recession odds lowering

Anxious as I may be, I know that I must be flexible in my thinking, and data is more important than fear.

CAPITAL IDEAS: 2020 vision

The market is going to move slower or faster toward fair value for a whole host of reasons, and to think it’ll get there on some exact day is just dumb.


My daughter’s life is very different. She is scheduled within an inch of her life, and while she is reaping benefits from her activities, it certainly comes at a cost.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Politics, policies and stock prices

Dalton -- Volatility in the stock market has become subdued over the last few weeks as U.S.-China trade talks have turned more positive. On...

CAPITAL IDEAS: The growth vs. value of high school reunions

Our shift from growth to value throughout last year has been small in magnitude and snail-slow. We didn’t want to get too defensive and lose out on the upside, and value stocks allow for the possibility of participating on the upside.

CAPITAL IDEAS: From Maestro’s lips

When it comes to the movement of stock prices and how those prices reflect fundamental data, good vs. bad is largely irrelevant. What matters is not good vs. bad, but better vs. worse.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Mortgage madness

Where the economy might go from here is another conversation, but we do know that defaults on existing debt are relatively tame, meaning that consumers are not yet feeling overwhelmed.

CAPITAL IDEAS: Jackson Holy Moly!

The chairman appeared to be sending a message to the White House that its trade war is pushing the U.S. toward a recession, and that the Fed may not have the tools to bail us out if that happens.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Great Successor’ reveals the real North Korea

There are, not surprisingly, two North Koreas. One for the most loyal followers of Kim, and another for the people.

CAPITAL IDEAS: What I did on my summer vacation

Dalton -- My bride, Stacey, and I spent last week in Lake George, New York. It’s become an annual pilgrimage of ours, which came...

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