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REVIEW: Energy to spare — The TMC Orchestra and Shostakovich Fill the Shed with Sound and Drama

Despite its year-to-year changing membership, this orchestra is reliably distinguished by energy, enthusiasm, and responsiveness, along with technical polish and precision.


And yet even with my family and professional history, I am learning daily about acts of racial policy and violence in our country’s history and in contemporary life that I hadn’t known, and that connect the dots to reveal a country bathed in the blood of racism.

My new learning standard: What online teaching taught me

There is an obvious pathos in trying to connect through a screen with a child who’s lost the routines and people who give their lives meaning and structure.

Living Through History – Remembering what you’ve learned

A UMass professor delivers a graduation message to her "distanced" students.

Living through history: Video conferences and empathy

Zoom is great for some things, but let's not lose sight of some great advantages of old technology.

CONNECTIONS: A holiday story

One afternoon I got off the school bus and my dog was not there. I ran home. My mother, who was no good with dogs and didn’t pay them much mind, had not seen her.

CONNECTIONS: Sowing seeds of terrorism at our border

There may also be disagreement about what to do with the children separated from their parents, but there may be another question worth answering: Are we creating a generation of terrorists?

Have Kids Will Travel: Woman with Aussie roots helps families to find big adventures in a small world

From exploring a market in a foreign town and trying different foods to climbing a pyramid and learning to say “hello” and “thank you” in a foreign language, travel provides children and adults with memories that they will be talking about for months (and years) afterward.

CHP’s Family Services Center offers extra support to families in crisis during the holidays

In the week leading up to Christmas, the needs of families run the gamut.

‘Instant Family’ dramatizes the need for foster families

Many people think of babies or young children when they envision adoption, but children of all ages need families and the sense of belonging that brings.

POEM: The Backwards Geese (from the gate outside South Egremont School)

as if time could run backwards at their beckoning; as if winter could recede from my fingers and the white gate swing wide, with the fall riot returning to the bracketing treelimbs, thence to turn verdant and alive, the schoolyard now summer-empty.

Children victimized by Trump’s cruel immigration policy

Imagine fleeing for your life, walking, yes WALKING, about 1,500 miles with only the clothes on your back and a rucksack with a few minor possessions. Once here, ICE agents bind your hands with zip ties and steal your children.

In My Back Yard

In my backyard, undiscriminating addiction is gutting our children, neighbors, families.

Pittsfield Police Officer Darren Derby changes attitudes and lives of city’s West Side kids

Officer Darren Derby's mission is admirable: to create a relationship with the city’s youth that will ultimately change their perception of the police. “Don’t let your surroundings determine who you are and who you are capable of becoming,” he advises the hundreds of the city kids he encounters.

News Brief: MASSPIRG ‘Trouble in Toyland’ report; Great Barrington parking ban; MFHC settles housing discrimination cases

In Massachusetts, a landlord cannot refuse to rent to a family to avoid complying with the de-leading requirements.

Breaking news

As the TV anchors and the experts droned on and on with inane commentary, I wondered how many children in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya were being rendered homeless? How many children died of hunger, disease, and exposure while we got to know way too much about the 150 well-fed, adequately clothed, and financially secure people?

Eat well, live well: How do we get children to eat well?

What we should be most concerned with is that children are eating real food, not processed junk. It is the job of the parent to offer (and offer is the operative word) a variety of nutritious foods, in a developmentally appropriate form, in a pleasant environment.

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