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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on One Mercantile and Sett—success in downtown Great Barrington

Local couple successfully builds a pair of brick-and-mortar businesses from the ground up by meeting the community where they are.

THEATRE REVIEW: WTF’s ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ could use more heart, optimism

Much in the story has always been harsh and defiant, but there has always been a good amount of old-fashioned heart in the play and that seems to be missing here.

Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Initiative launched

Thinking about all of the good that would have been done and the lives saved if Stumo had been given a chance to continue her work ultimately fueled the discussion about how to build her legacy.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Shortest Way Home’: The making of a presidential candidate

“There is no going back … This is the deepest lie of our recent national politics, the core falsehood encoded in “Make America Great Again.” Beneath the impossible promises—that coal alone will fuel our future, that a big wall can be built around our status quo, that climate change isn’t even real—is the deeper fantasy that time itself can be reversed, all losses restored, and thus no new ways of life required." --Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Family of Sheffield’s Samya Stumo files lawsuit against aircraft manufacturer Boeing

At a news conference yesterday in Chicago, where Boeing is headquartered, lawyers for Stumo's parents, Michael Stumo and Nadia Milleron of Sheffield, said the Ethiopian crash "should never have happened" and that "the shortcuts and greed of Boeing and others will be proven in the ensuing lawsuits as well as the utter disregard of the passengers they were to protect that could have avoided this tragic crash."

CONNECTIONS: Tales of corruption, past and present

Spiro Agnew countered that the investigation was a “witch hunt.” The investigators were “liberals and biased.” Loudly, Agnew argued that the allegations were false, politically motivated and a sitting vice president could not be indicted.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Becoming’ shows Michelle Obama’s transcendence of bias to ultimately flourish

Michelle Robinson Obama was born, in her words, “a black working class girl” at a time when her hardworking father, tending boilers for the city of Chicago, provided a cramped apartment on the second floor of “a tidy brick bungalow” owned by her mother’s aunt on the South Side of Chicago. There, she and her brother and parents lived in a space meant for two.

Self-Taught Gardener: Reliable ground cover

In these times of fluctuating weather, if we humans are confused, imagine how the plants in your garden are reacting. Lee Buttala, our Self-Taught Gardiner, tells you how to protect them.

Valerie LeBrun Smith, 84, of Great Barrington

In the last chapter of her professional career, Valerie worked as the assistant to the executive director of Catholic Family Services in Hartford.

PROFILE: Timothy Lee, Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School principal

"A lot of different needs have come into the building that have been absorbed over a relatively short period of time, and how to accommodate all of theses needs while being as inclusive as possible has been a challenge. We are doing a lot of interesting things here to try and rise to that challenge, and I was really interested in being part of it." --Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School principal Timothy Lee

Fall Festival of Shakespeare celebrates 30 years

Students have the opportunity to develop skills in stage combat, performance aesthetics, dance, technical theater, costuming, stage management, marketing and publicity during the Fall Festival experience.

Abbott Combes III, 98, of Northfield, Vermont, formerly of Pittsfield

He was also known for his gentlemanly manners, proper decorum, sense of humor, strong opinions, fondness of Cuba Libres and impromptu recitations of Robert Service ballads.

CONNECTIONS: A tribute to Ellen Greendale, lover of gardens

The wedding present Irene Botsford Hoffmann received from her father was a house. It was built on her 43-acre property and named Overbrook.

The singer finds her voice: The evolution of Wanda Houston

'I love all the music of our lives: the show tunes, the country, the blues, the opera, the jazz. It’s all related, the way we are all related.' -- Wanda Houston

‘Wanda (Houston) Sings Sarah (Kohrs)!’ — jazz meets country at The Mahaiwe

The duo’s hard-hitting performance — one marked by the collision of Wanda Houston’s jazz edge with Sarah Kohrs’ country flare — creates playful, lively and penetrating interpretations of Kohrs’ original songs.

As young as one

Recently, our attention has been split by the plight of the Thai boys trapped in the cave, and the bizarre behavior of President Trump in Brussels, the United Kingdom and Helsinki. And yet there are thousands of parents and children trapped in a kind of hell, waiting to find each other.

The Rev. Joseph P. Bishop, 99, of New Marlborough

He was profoundly committed to social justice throughout his life, most actively so during the 1960s when he participated in the iconic March on Washington in August 1963 and in a demonstration in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, for which he was briefly jailed.

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