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Part 2: Biden or Trump and the Nonprofit Sector NGOs, international nonprofits and social service agencies

The author makes an impassioned case for the nonprofit sector to recognize the dire outcome of another Trump term and to take action.

Bits & Bytes: Community dialogue on racism; Lenox Land Trust conversation; ‘Love Travels Fast’; Berkshire Theatre Awards

During the presentation, Gwendolyn VanSant will address personal identity and bias and their relationship to systemic racism and cultural barriers.

REVIEW: ‘Curve of Departure’ at Chester Theatre composes family relations with simple elegance

Plot details would be spoilers; what “Curve of Departure” is really about is how we negotiate the future unknown.

THEATRE REVIEW: Chester Theatre’s ‘Curve of Departure’ a terrific depiction of 21st-century families

Filled with small details, the play ultimately moved the full-house audience to tears and sighs of relief.

THEATRE REVIEW: Chester Theatre Company’s monotonous ‘On the Exhale’ lacks intensity

It's a story that moves people but never really gets to where it should be.

Bits & Bytes: Swing dancing at Dewey Hall; ‘Springside After Dark’; health lecture at Fairview; ‘Gem of the Valley’

'Nutritional Strategies to Treat Acid Reflux' will include the impact of diet on acid reflux and also cover foods that are helpful and those to avoid.

Bits & Bytes: Ice Dance International at Jacob’s Pillow; ‘Muppets on Parade’ at Norman Rockwell Museum; Daniel Elihu Kramer at Becket Arts Center; health...

Louis Henry Mitchell began working at “Sesame Street” in 1992 and he has provided creative direction from directing photo shoots to designing storyboards, characters and even the Big Bird balloon for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

THEATRE REVIEW: Chester Theatre Company’s ‘Now Circa Then’ a very timely, touching play

Talent triumphs in this dizzying double existence, and the play succeeds to amuse us even as the inevitable creeps onto the stage while we watch.

The Becket Arts Center’s summer program has something for everyone

Highlighting the live music offerings on the BAC calendar is the Boston University Tanglewood Institute’s Young Artists Family Concert playing at the Becket-Washington school auditorium Wednesday, July 31.

Business Briefs: Lifetime achievement award for Packer; new play program at Chester Theatre Company; grant for Berkshire Humane Society; Meczywor named Balance Rock partner

This marks the first commission in what the organization sees as a new artistic initiative to consistently develop original works that will appear on its stage and have life in other theaters beyond western Massachusetts.

Bits & Bytes: Isadora Duncan dance workshop; ‘Berkshire Voices’; Berkshire Stonewall potluck; Berkshire Theatre Awards

Berkshire Voices, led by playwright Michael Brady, was created by and for Berkshire-based playwrights to provide key support and resources for writers at every stage of their careers

THEATRE REVIEW: Chester Theatre Company’s ‘The Aliens’ is pitch-perfect, impeccably rhythmed production

The play progresses on subtly revealed aspects about each character as well as carefully calibrated pacing and movement.

THEATRE REVIEW: Chester Theatre’s harsh, difficult ‘The Aliens’ is well-acted, realistic

Relatively unknown, the script is a challenge to the audience and, for the most part, that challenge was met by the opening night audience.

THEATRE REVIEW: Stellar production of ‘Mary’s Wedding’ by Chester Theatre Company is romantically enveloping

Overall, the 89 minutes of this play never lose a bit of impact in this stellar production.

THEATRE REVIEW: Astonishingly original ‘White Rabbit Red Rabbit’ a multi-facted query of mortality

The play appears plotless, but is anchored by the most classical narrative structure—conflict underpins everything that happens.

THEATRE REVIEW: Secrets rule in ‘Disgraced’ at Chester Theatre

As drama goes, this play presents a genuine picture of adults in our era — mixed marriages, mixed belief systems, altered understanding and miscommunication.

THEATRE REVIEW: Tara Franklin is exquisite in Chester Theatre’s ‘Bar Mitzvah Boy’

I think this is a very good play in a very, very good production with every impulse of the author honored in the direction and the playing.

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