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CONNECTIONS: A tale of two 19th-century Berkshire women

One had a solid impact on Berkshire County and her generation. While the other, although more famous, may have had no impact on the county at all. You decide.

News Brief: Mass. Senate unanimously passes Student Opportunity Act

School districts across the Commonwealth will benefit from updates to the existing Chapter 70 funding formula, along with increased state investment in other vital education aid programs such as transportation, school construction and renovation and special education.

In stinging lawsuit, longtime SBRSD dean alleges ‘workplace retaliation’ for son’s advocacy

According to the complaint, Kurt DeGrenier had voiced concerns that his son, now in 10th grade at Mount Everett, was not receiving the services and accommodations set forth in his individualized educational program, a plan developed to ensure that a child with an identified disability receives specialized instruction and related services.

PROFILE: Sen. Adam Hinds looks back at legislative accomplishments – and challenges

The Edge recently sat down with Hinds in his Pittsfield office to discuss his proudest accomplishments, how to align workforce development needs with the education system, and his hopes and concerns about the rollout of recreational marijuana in the state, among other things.

News Briefs: Hinds staff office hours; Rural School Aid grant funding program restored

The Senate Committee on Ways and Means fiscal year 2020 budget proposal released Wednesday appropriates $1.5 million for the Rural School Aid grant program.

At school committees forum lawmakers, school officials agree: Critical need to reform school funding, Chapter 70 aid

Massachusetts Association of School Committees executive director Glenn Koocher explained that the ability of a school district's population to fund local education determines how much state aid the district gets from the state.

At Pittsfield’s urging, Berkshire Hills challenges state school funding formula in strong terms

Officials say the foundation budget is adjusted and increased each year but mostly along the lines of inflation. But several expenses school districts are confronted with increase at a pace that greatly exceeds inflation: health insurance for current employees and retirees; special education, especially out-of-district placements; English language instruction for non-native speakers; preschool; data collection, including how students are counted; and transportation. 

News Briefs: Amatul-Wadud in Sheffield; FY19 conference budget report approved; Mass. solar, wind power increase

Among the issues Amatul-Wadud is raising in her run for Congress are climate change; universal public education; and affordable, high-speed internet access for every resident of the 1st Congressional District.

News Briefs: House budget victories for 4th Berkshire District, environment; budget boosts funding for programs, services; Senate passes credit protection bill

The Massachusetts Senate voted to pass a bill designed to protect the personal information of consumers in the case of data breaches like the one seen at Equifax, and provide free credit freezes for all consumers.

Huge rise in Berkshire Hills assessment for Great Barrington averted as health insurance premiums stay flat

The vote by Berkshire Health Group, the school district's joint health insurance-purchasing entity, to keep rates flat for next year surprised district officials, but they're not complaining.

News Briefs: Pignatelli secures funds for Berkshires; Cohen launches city council campaign

Pignatelli was the lead sponsor of and secured a number of items in the budget specifically for Berkshire and Hampden counties.

Public school funding structure needs updating

In his letter to the editor, state Senate candidate Adams Hinds writes: “Education is at the center of who we are: it reflects our investment in the next generation. Successful pre-K - 12 education is central to workforce development and retaining and attracting residents.”

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