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Whose decline is more severe: Joe Biden’s or the news media’s?

The decisive problem right now isn't Joe Biden or the press; it is what is being done to the American people.

Alan Chartock: I Publius — Dog walking woes

But why, then, is the offending pile in the same place every day or night? No, I think that the wayward dog owner is fully cognizant of what his pet is doing.

The Self-Taught Gardener: Love in the time of corona

At a time when connections count, our Self-Taught Gardener Lee Buttala advises us to try Nature.

LEONARD QUART: Living with the plague

For the moment, I am thinking of how the country will deal with the agony of the present.

Alison Harper, 83, of New York City and Chatham, Mass., formerly of Williamstown

Later, she was asked to stay on at the Public Theater, where she started working in the box office in 1967. She retired from that same location in 1996, nearly 30 years later.

LEONARD QUART: A bus ride and Trump

For Trump, lying is like breathing — it’s instinctive and devoid of shame or guilt.

LEONARD QUART: New York, a truly urban city

Much of the city’s urbanscape gains its character from the people and dramas that can provide solace, however dark one's personal mood.

Lost: My Eurasian Lynx

Louise took my hand and kissed it. It was a gesture that always melted my heart. She was so very appreciative that I had seemingly transcended my cynicism and given her the lynx family she had always craved.

Alan Chartock: To impeach or not impeach

The problem is that New Yorkers really hate Trump and are frustrated by him. I am hearing from a lot of them who just don’t give a damn if an impeachment effort is foolhardy.

‘Eclipse of the Sun,’ a painting for our time, perhaps a glimpse into the future

What struck me was the fierce angry truth of this hundred-year-old painting -- nothing remote about it in the Trumpian era.

Leonard Quart: Three New York memories

I wanted to leave my parochial Bronx and take greater risks, care less about a secure future, and act out some of the wilder dreams I harbored.

CONNECTIONS: Poetry and journalism mingled in William Cullen Bryant

The following year, Bryant was 22 years old. He was living in Great Barrington, working for the town, and practicing law.  He would remain in Great Barrington from 1816 to 1825—out of place and out of sorts.

LEONARD QUART: A day in Central Park

I like the way the city and Central Park interact — the feeling that one can find both seclusion and peace as well as communal excitement.

LEONARD QUART: A New York Sunday

It's also a way of spending some hours not thinking or talking about the monstrous narcissist and sleaze who offers us a compulsive lie and vicious tweet almost every day.

Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ in Central Park strikes close to home

“Caesar was a ruler; Trump is a ruler, and it just happens that a 400-year-old playwright still resonates today, and some direct parallels were drawn.” --- Allyn Burrows, artistic director of Shakespeare and Company

LEONARD QUART: Sound and silence

New York is a dynamic, vibrant city, but one whose constant clamor allows, at least in Manhattan, few moments of serenity. Some people love the din.

LEONARD QUART: Spring comes to New York

One often stumbles on to perceptions about city life by accident, so as I set out one day to do some food shopping, a number of things strike my eye.

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