Saturday, July 13, 2024

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I WITNESS: Is the sky really falling?

Instead of running his mouth, which is his typical modus operandi, Donald Trump is golfing and enjoying the spectacle of the Democratic Party doing what it does best: freaking out and cannibalizing itself, with plenty of help from media pundits.

Edge cartoon caption contest

Here is a cartoon in need of a caption. Please submit one.

SOUL SUPPORT: The end is just …

... the beginning of something else

Vira Vira Equinox

Vira Vira asks: What rhymes with liar?

SOUL SUPPORT: Peace is a choice

A graphic from artist Deb Koffman: "Not always easy…can I let go of anger, judgment, fear, and choose peace this very moment?"

SOUL SUPPORT: Don’t worry

Very timely Soul Support from Deb Koffman.

Lulu ‘n’ Hershey

Lulu and Hershey have an apology to make for abruptly ending their latest narrative: They're moving to Brooklyn, and will return once they settle in.

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