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THEATER REVIEW: ‘2.5 Minute Ride’ plays at Hartford Stage through June 23

I don’t always recommend solo performances, but this one is that rare exception. It is a must see!

Bits & Bytes: BBG Winter Lecture; ‘ESCAPE’ at Geoffrey Young Gallery; Alexander Chee at Simon’s Rock; ‘BANG: The Bert Burns Story’ at Mason Library

Co-curated by New York art world veteran Hope Davis and painter and musician Sharon Gregory, “ESCAPE” is multi-dimensional, exploring a wide range of visual expressions and media including paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture.

Bits & Bytes: Berkshire Crafts Fair; Grow Show; ‘Banksy: Completed’ at IS183; ‘Pipeline’ at the Clark; SculptureNow at the Mount

After anonymous British street artist Banksy’s self-styled month-long New York “residency” in October 2013, Carol Diehl spent several months making a serious investigation into his work.

Plastic water bottle ban more symbolic than effective

In her letter to the editor, Carol Diehl writes: “I will be signing the petition to repeal the ban because I am convinced it is more symbolic than effective, puts an undue burden on local retailers, and was determined without sufficient education and deliberation.”

GB Planning Board has a ‘vision’: ‘Marijuana mills’ in Housatonic

If voters approve the Great Barrington bylaw, indoor cultivation of marijuana of the sort envisioned in the mills will be permitted by-right in the light industrial zone that covers much of Housatonic.

Return of artwork could lead to sustainable future for Berkshire Museum

In her letter to the editor Carol Diehl writes: “We are working with the Massachusetts Cultural Council to explore the creation of ‘The Rockwell Law,’ legislation that would protect our cultural heritage from unethical de-accession practices.

COMMENTARY: Saving the Berkshire Museum

The sale of art sets a dangerous precedent for all museums, libraries and historical societies, and is a blow to the very idea of public access to original artworks.

An alternate vision: Retain the art in the Berkshire Museum

In her letter to the editor, Carol Diehl writes: “There’s no evidence that a children’s science and technology museum, which would also require gutting the classic Gilded Age building, would be successful.”

Berkshire Museum betrays public trust by sale of art collection

In her letter to the editor, Carol Diehl writes: "A museum that would sell its past cannot be trusted with creating its future."

Still reeling from ZBA’s ruling on 100 Bridge St.

In her letter, Carol Diehl of Housatonic writes: “We sorely need affordable housing… hopefully… people with low incomes would be treated with the same dignity as those with more.”

Seeking the facts about 100 Bridge Street

In her letter to the editor, Laurily Epstein of Great Barrington writes: “Wouldn’t it be wise to hit the brakes and get a few things really clear?” 

Green Tea Party explains itself

In a letter to the editor, members of the Green Tea Party write: “Our goal is to get the voters on their feet, to understand the way decisions get made, to play watchdog and increase the conversation.”

GB Planning Board OK’s plan to revamp Lake Mansfield access

The entire area around Lake Mansfield is a delicate ecosystem surrounded by homes on a hill from which storm water and sediment run into the lake. Simply repaving the road won’t solve any of this, and town officials say such a measure will simply increase car speeds.

Hotel at Searles School campus earns endorsement of Great Barrington Planning Board

The hotel was designed by the same people who designed the adjacent former Bryant School, turning it into Iredale Mineral Cosmetics’ modern world headquarters while sensitively preserving the former school’s charms.

Re-use, rather than replace, historic buildings

In her letter to the editor, Carol Diehl of Housatonic writes: "Great Barrington needs to cherish the buildings that add to its attractiveness as a vibrant year-round community."

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