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THE OTHER SIDE: The king is not dead — not really

Well, in one fell swoop, the new conservative majority—it might be more accurate to call them the new MAGA majority—betrayed originalism and textualism.

Citing empathy with Egremont, Monterey sends SBRSD budget to districtwide defeat

Monterey's "future probably lies in leaving the district," not only because of the town's dissatisfaction with Southern Berkshire but because 46 percent of the town's students are choicing out to other districts anyway. -- Kenn Basler, chair of Monterey Board of Selectmen

Closing Egremont School is an educational, financial mistake

Clearly, consolidation did nothing to control taxes in Great Barrington. And, based on the Egremont In her letter to the editor, Susan Bachelder writes: "Finance Committee's evaluation of the SBRSD budget, closing the Egremont village school will have no effect at all on SBRSD escalating school taxes either."

Egremont files legal action against SBRSD over closure of local school

The complaint further asks the court to consider the School Committee's action to be a "material breach" and to grant the town the authority to enter into "tuition agreements with another district or districts."

SBRSD School Committee selects new superintendent        

Beth Regulbuto is currently serving as the Associate Superintendent of Schools with the Hampden-Wilbraham School District. She will assume her new post in July.

Game of chess, anyone? Check out the Berkshire Hills Chess Club

“Chess combines intellectual and emotional discipline – both of which are desperately needed in this irrational time. At the same time chess requires players to be polite and have decorum.” -- Gene Kalish, organizer of the Berkshire Hills Chess Club

SBRSD School Committee: No penalty for opting out of standardized tests

The Southern Berkshire Regional School District (SBRSD) School Committee resolves that neither parent who chooses to opt their children out of the PARCC, MCAS, MCAS 2.0, or any other high stakes standardized test nor students will not be subject to any negative consequences from the SBRSD administration or the SBRSD School Committee. 

Southern Berkshire School District eyes closing Monterey School — again

The Monterey School is one of three one-room schoolhouses remaining in Massachusetts: "It’s really simple. This is not a political decision, or even financial. It’s purely an educational decision." -- Carl Stewart, chairman of the Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee, on the proposed closing of the Monterey Village School.

SBRSD business administrator resigns; assessment fiasco remains unresolved

“This is such a mess that I can’t even begin to understand what’s right and wrong...It’s such a disaster.” -- Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee member Arthur Battachi Jr. of Sheffield

A view of the sky (and stars) at Mt. Everett

That something so routine as a skylight should resemble a portal to the mysterious beyond is not surprising for Mt. Everett High School.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road…but stay away from Main Street

In his letter to the editor, Carl Stewart of Alford writes: "There is a specific statute that deals with the liability of towns for damage caused by improperly maintained roads; it is MGL, chapter 84, section 15. (MGL is the General Laws of Massachusetts.)"

Southern Berkshire School District budget tangle deepens; business administrator censured

"It has become difficult to rely on the numbers that we received form the District. We are disillusioned by the School Committee’s apparent lack of concern for the continuation of errors related to FY16’s assessment.” -- Nadine A. Hawver, chair of the Sheffield Board of Selectmen

Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee: Town assessments incorrect, budget slashed

“We have a glitch. The numbers are not that great, but a percentage of one or two percent, when you’re dealing with a lot of money, becomes a lot of money.” -- Vito Valentini, chair of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District finance subcommittee

Alford residents vote 133-8 for town-wide Internet service

“The purest form of democracy on the planet: Alford, Massachusetts.” -- Alford resident Tom Doyle

Mt. Everett Robotics team updates from World Championships  

Although one team had expressed interest in having us join them, this did not materialize and so our Cinderella run in St. Louis came to an end this morning. In what seemed a reversal of the way things generally go, the kids took the result with more equanimity than the adults, including me. The big story is how well we did against much larger schools who were better financed. In fact, Mt Everett finished ahead of every other school in New England. A great achievement.

New Marlborough, Sheffield officials reject school district budget

“There’s no fluff [in the budget]. It is understandable that that some people in the community are not happy. No one wants to pay more real estate taxes, and no one wants to lower the quality of education. People are complaining on both sides.” -- Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee Chairman Carl Stewart

Five Southern Berkshire towns to vote on $7.7 million in repairs to high school

Sheffield — Special town meeting dates are set for each of the five towns in the Southern Berkshire Regional School District to vote on...

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