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Encore! Billy Collins

Billy Collins is surely the most popular American poet since Robert Frost. We are pleased to offer an encore column of his wonderful work.

Mount Everett students weigh in on controversies, ask for answer on Devoti, DeGrenier

The most recent edition of the Bold Eagle, the student newspaper for Mount Everett Regional School, ran a front-page news story and an editorial on the controversy surrounding two administrators and the school committee.

NEWS ANALYSIS: At SBRSD, lawsuits, law-breaking and embattled administrators

It was that kind of night. Indeed, the atmosphere was tense enough that two Sheffield police officers were called to observe the school committee meeting lest things get out of control.

Of ethics, legitimacy and voter intent: A ‘big mess’ in Sheffield

For a variety of technical reasons, four Sheffield candidates were on the ballot for three seats. But voters were instructed to "vote for not more than two,” and those two with the most support were automatically re-elected.

Stewart defeated but Sears, Silvers returned to SBRSD school committee as vote tallies delayed in Sheffield

In an interview, Bonnie Silvers, who currently chairs the school committee, said the third Sheffield seat will be settled in a few days.

As SBRSD elections take shape, questions persist about district personnel and sustainability

It does appear that a generational challenge is in the offing for the Nov. 6 elections. A flyer distributed throughout the district refers to a "clean slate for SBRSD school committee" and flatly states that "the candidates support the right of all the towns to have their elementary schools."

Arming teachers: South County educators slam Trump proposal

"I think the best way to ensure safety is around building relationships and making sure kids are known and connected to multiple adults.” --Peter Dillon, Berkshire Hille Regional School District superintendent

Egremont Schoolhouse ‘friends’ double down to finish foundation fundraiser

"It [the Egremont School] is the heart of the community. While it gives the kind of educational experience that is so important these days, it is also a unique institution, located as it is in the center of town." -- Ellen Maggio

Berkshire Hills, Southern Berkshire school districts to explore merger

At its regular meeting Thursday night, the Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee voted to form a subcommittee whose title would be "The Future of Education in Southern Berkshire County."

Funding restored for Egremont School, but the future of the district is anyone’s guess

"It's time we start talking with our neighbors. I'm certainly willing to talk to anyone who wants to talk about moving forward with Berkshire Hills or even Farmington River and Richmond." -- Egremont Selectboard Chairman Bruce Turner

A Berkshire megadistrict? Questions raised about education task force proposal

"The real question is whether thoughtful creative educators are thinking creatively about the consolidation and how to make the most of this [potential] change." -- Susan Engel, director of the Program in Teaching at Williams College, and a former member ot the Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee

SBRSD settles lawsuit; Egremont school’s future remains uncertain

After meeting separately in closed-door sessions on Monday, the Egremont Board of Selectmen and the regional school committee agreed to a settlement that would suspend operations at the South Egremont School for 2017-18.

Hearing for Egremont lawsuit against SBRSD postponed indefinitely, settlement near

"We have a potential settlement agreement. Both parties will be voting on it next week. If both parties agree, we will not go forward with our suit." -- Bruce Turner, chairman of the Egremont Board of Selectmen

School Committee chairman’s closed-door meeting with district selectmen addresses village school dispute, rejected budget

The latest move by the school committee was to hold a closed-door meeting of invited guests Tuesday morning in the Eagle's Loft meeting room at Mount Everett Regional School.

Southern Berkshire School Committee adopts same $16m budget, without funding 2 village schools

Quite apart from getting the budget passed before July 1 is the question of how to find the extra $52,000 to restore transportation to New Marlborough Central School for next year.

New SBRSD busing policies may undermine New Marlborough Central School enrollment

The School Committee has insisted the Monterey and Egremont schools were not closed, but that their operations were temporarily suspended or put "on hiatus." But others see the busing policy as a tactic to cripple enrollment at New Marlborough Central in order to close it.

SBRSD budget in limbo: Egremonters want their school back

If district taxpayers refuse to authorize spending for the school district, the state has an elaborate system to ensure the district's continued operation.

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