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Whose decline is more severe: Joe Biden’s or the news media’s?

The decisive problem right now isn't Joe Biden or the press; it is what is being done to the American people.

South County recreational pot shops score big wins from state cannabis commission

Theory Wellnesss' Great Barrington adult-use establishment would be the first in southern Berkshire County with its final license. But down Route 7 in Sheffield, Berkshire Welco received its provisional license yesterday by unanimous vote from the CCC, and without conditions

Opening the weedgates: What will the recreational marijuana industry mean for Berkshire County?

If all applicants and interested parties are eventually approved, there could be as many as five cannabis outlets in and around Great Barrington.

Lenox fails to approve retail pot shops and short-term rentals: Not likely the end of the story

"The voters sent a strong message to the Town of Lenox that there needs to be balance, fairness and transparency among those who are entrusted to represent taxpayers and residents." -- Lenox architect Jim Harwood

Main Street church will be ‘flying high,’ in more ways than one

Highminded LLC has drafted a host agreement with the town of Great Barrington that includes the mandated annual $10,000 donation to a nonprofit of its choice. That gift will go to the Railroad Street Youth Project, which will also receive an additional 1 percent of net sales to fund a campaign against adolescent substance usage.

Jobs, hundreds of thousands in revenue expected as third marijuana store proposed for Great Barrington

Brian Vincent and Andy Vincent of Commonwealth Cultivation are looking to establish a retail marijuana outlet at 82 Railroad St., a property that overlooks the Taconic parking lot where 14 years ago State Police under District Attorney David Capeless conducted a sting operation that resulted in the arrest of more than a dozen teenagers for possessing pot.

With pot shops in the offing, Great Barrington stands to profit

In anticipation that there could be more such establishments approaching the town in the future, the selectboard is trying to come up with a template that will serve as a model for all host agreements that might come up.

Great Barrington’s pot wars resolved and other tales from the floor

The battle royale involved the planning and select boards. For weeks, the two panels had been at odds over which should be the special-permit-granting authority in regards to the marijuana production and sales facilities, and whether most, if not all, of the facilities should require a special permit.

News Analysis: The Great Barrington marijuana wars

The Planning Board had a frank and often tense discussion with outgoing Selectboard Chairman Sean Stanton over which board should be the special permit-granting authority for marijuana establishments.

Another Berkshire pot emporium: Sheffield distiller proposes marijuana facility

As required of anyone seeking a cannabis license in the state, Christopher Weld and Micheal Cohen of Berkshire Welco held a public information session Tuesday night at Sheffield Town Hall.

Industrial weed facility faces headwinds at selectmen’s hearing

After nearly two hours of sometimes contentious deliberations, the New Marlborough Board of Selectmen voted to continue the public hearing on the permit in order to give both Oasis CEO Joshua Seitz and the town more time to gather additional information and consider the proposal.

Industrial-scale weed facility stirs the pot in New Marlborough

The proposal by Oasis Campus LLC to build a sprawling cannabis production facility on 106 acres near Lake Buel and abutting the Sandisfield State Forest has roiled the waters of this normally quiet town.

 Lipstick on a pig

In her letter to the editor, Lucinda Shmulsky of New Marlborough writes: “You know you are in deep trouble when 50 well-informed citizens show up to your meeting with many more facts and unanswered questions than either the applicant of the Planning Board members are prepared to answer.”

Medical marijuana can reduce addiction to opioid pain medications

In his letter Dr. Ernest Drucker writes: "Dramatic evidence of the capabilities of cannabis to reduce overdose deaths due to opioids was published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association."

Commercial ‘pot shops’ will hurt the drug cartels

In his letter to the editor, Jon Piasecki writes: “Squailia’s neo-Puritan zeal is misguided and harmful to our communities and economy. We need marijuana brought out of the darkness and into the light.”

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