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West Stockbridge, officials named in lawsuit filed by owners of mobile-home park

The town states that it is prepared to defend the decision of the Rent Control Board.

West Stockbridge Select Board seeks to cultivate peace between marijuana grower and neighbors

The Select Board asked that Wiseacre Farm produce written odor mitigation plan and an odor expert review "sooner than later."

A stone’s throw from Theory, second pot shop planned for Stockbridge Road

Valkyrie will have to go through the site-plan review process with the town planning board and negotiate a host community agreement with the selectboard.

PERSPECTIVES: Egremont couple crowdfunding future cannabis store, as more outlets reopen after shutdown

In the cannabis industry, trying to raise capital through traditional borrowing is difficult, in part because most commercial banks avoid lending money for marijuana businesses.

EDITORIAL: Fulcrum opponents should be careful what they wish for

If the permit is denied, Fulcrum could tie the town up in prolonged and expensive litigation. Or a vengeful Fulcrum could return with a different proposal -- perhaps one that is equally objectionable and does not require a special permit.

I Publius: A little to-do list for Great Barrington

While I am as proud of Great Barrington today as I have ever been, there are a few things that do need some work, so I have a little list.

Alan Chartock: I Publius

The fact is that the people of Massachusetts, and specifically of Great Barrington, voted in statewide referendum to allow this operation. We don’t necessarily learn about the downsides until the moment of truth is upon us.

Hearing for pot farm sparks anger and threats of removal from Selectboard Chair

On several occasions during the hearing, Great Barrington Selectboard Chairman Steve Bannon rapped his gavel and warned hecklers that they would be removed from the room if they persisted.

Health panel raises questions, refuses to give nod to aspiring pot growers

In declining to recommend the permit to the selectboard, which will consider it on Monday night, the health board said it needed more information on noise, odor and possible effects on groundwater.

Strict constructionalism in Great Barrington

In a letter to the editor, John Beacco writes, 'Restricting itself to the text of the bylaw and avoiding its social, economic and moral implications is expedient and not at all helpful to those living near the proposed project, or the selectboard that is charged as the special permit-granting authority.'

Business Briefs: ‘The Barrington Stage Experience’; cannabis certification; RSYP apprenticeships; Salisbury Bank donates to CDC; Place Corps at Hawthorne Valley

Berkshire Community College is launching a one-year cannabis certificate program designed to provide students with skills and knowledge to work professionally in the areas of cannabis cultivation, processing, preparation, retail and outreach.

Farmer’s ‘dream come true’: Great Barrington cannabis retailer gets final state license to grow outdoors

Dobson has two greenhouses already up and is building a third. That way, he can continue to grow over the winter. But the bottom line is there won't be as much outdoor product as there would be in a normal growing season.

Despite concerns, cannabis could be an economic driver for Berkshire County  

Surely the most important question now on the local level is how to manage the siting and operations of the shops and cultivation facilities.

The numbers are in: Great Barrington snags almost $1 million from pot sales

At Monday's selectboard meeting, member Kate Burke noted that the money cannot be spent yet because it was not budgeted for. The disposition of the funds will be discussed during budget deliberations this fall.

Of antiques and ‘journeys’: New cannabis shop opens its doors in Lee

"It's exciting. It's interesting and we'll see where it goes, but I don't see any problems other than maybe traffic for awhile, but I don't really see any downside." -- Lee Selectwoman Patricia Carlino

Residents balk at Housatonic marijuana manufacturing site

Fulcrum has signed a purchase-and-sales agreement to buy 5.78 undeveloped acres from the Nolan family at 22 Van Deusenville Road to construct and operate a cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facility.

Alan Chartock: Cuomo cultivates dichotomy about cannabis

The more I saw of the emerging fight with the Legislature, the more I thought that this was very-clever Andrew saying that he was for legalization but really being the old middle-of-the-road-Democrat Andrew who was actually opposed.

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