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BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on New Marlborough Meeting House—”preserving history, celebrating cultural creativity”

Almost two hundred years later, the Meeting House is still celebrated as a sacred space vibrant with programming to serve the local and surrounding communities.

IN THE FIELD: Sandhill cranes

This is not a bird one associates with the Northeast. Sandhill cranes breed across most of Canada into Alaska, dropping down into the upper Midwest and the Mountain West.

Want to learn more about Muslims? Don’t Google it

For as anyone who has attended one knows, high schools are a peculiar mix of social awkwardness and lack of inhibition. Indeed, high school is where the attitudes we learn at home are staged for all to see.

Freda Macken, 95, of Stockbridge

Mrs. Macken worked as cook and manager at the former Stockbridge Plain School from 1969 until 1984. From 1990 until 2006, Freda worked as a part-time receptionist for the Marion Fathers in Stockbridge.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Blue Future,’ toward a water-just world

Most of us take a glass of water or a good long shower for granted. I personally learned so much from this book that I now feel guilty to throw unused water down the drain.

The people vs. FERC: Where is the oversight of gas pipeline risks?

“Trump doesn’t like to lose. If he doesn’t make renewables a priority, he will lose to the countries that are working to be clean energy leaders.” -- Maya van Rossum, head of Delaware Riverkeeper Network

CONNECTIONS: America to the world: Keep out

Immigration laws are by definition exclusionary. There is no need for a “come one come all” immigration law.

Archa Beth Hodges, 56, of Great Barrington, teacher at Kripalu Center

Massage therapist, Ayurvedic consultant, yoga and dance teacher, as well as workshop leader, Archa has touched the lives of many, offering healing and love in her unique, quirky and profoundly creative way.

EDGEWISE: Omens from Nova Scotia

St John, just across the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, has been expanding its deepwater port, serving as a tanker depot for oil and gas. This is where the disputed gas pipeline that would run through Berkshire County would end up.

Laughing matter: Berkshire comic book heroes

It is a fictional character created and drawn by a one-time Great Barrington resident who is most sought by comics collectors: Plastic Man, or Plas, as he's called by his sidekick, Woozy Winks.

Lulu ‘n’ Hershey

Who would have guessed that the anti-immigrant GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz of Texas was born in Canada? The dogged (so to speak) investigative reporters for Dog News Network, Lulu and Hershey, uncovered this little tidbit of background on the Republican senator.

Clean energy advocates unifying opposition to $5 billion pipeline

Ultimately, as several speakers explained, the path to advancing this clean energy economy is being blocked by the tremendous wealth and power that the fossil fuel industry exerts over the nation's political and regulatory system. A study by the Political Economy Research Institute at UMASS-Amherst, on the other hand, that found that rapidly transitioning to a renewable energy economy could create over 2 million net new jobs.

They’re back … airborne guests at The Red Lion Inn

“If anything happens to this chimney at the Red Lion Inn," Chad McCormick worries, "a whole population of birds could be wiped out."

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