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President Biden to drop out of presidential race – updated with statements from Governor Healey, Congressman Neal

President Biden had been previously under pressure by members of the Democratic party to drop out.

Smoke Signals from the Swamp: Kushner, the Mercers and Cambridge Analytica – Round One

As you continue to read, I want you to imagine an iceberg. Both Forbes and the New York Times thought they were being told, and telling us, the true story of Cambridge Analytica. But they and we saw only a small portion of what Cambridge Analytica wanted us to see.

Smoke Signals from The Swamp: Meet General Michael Flynn

"As conflict between states evolves, the cyberspace is becoming an increasingly vital component of strategy and doctrine for war fighting." -- General Michael Flynn, former Trump National Security Advisor

Article on Reclaim NY is an accurate account of group’s activities

In their letter to the editor Joyce St. George and Susan Dey write: ‘The government is our enemy” was the insinuation we heard over and over again during the various Reclaim presentations and workshops we attended.

Reclaim New York is a ‘pseudo’ grassroots campaign

In his letter to the editor, Bobby Houston writes: “The best way to actually reclaim New York is to vote out the Trump toady, John Faso, elect somebody who doesn't take huge donations from hate-money billionaires “

A bad hair day for N.Y. Rep. John Faso

March 24 may be the date that made him a one-term Congressman. With his abrupt decision to support the American Health Care Act, the freshman Republican congressman from Kinderhook engaged in a stunning series of betrayals.

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