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PETER MOST: Unwelcome to Hancock

Although the world has a dreadful history of rejecting others, their ideas, and customs, it is nonetheless disappointing that our slice of Eden is not immune from such distrust.

Tech Startup Weekend promises ‘three-day frenzy of business model creation’

After 54 hours of intense work, teams pitch to a panel of judges from the most innovative and impactful companies in the Berkshires and from Techstars. Business leaders and mentors are on hand to share insights and experience through the entire weekend.

Grayhouse is rebuffed, as selectmen ‘reboot’ process of Housatonic School reuse

"I feel like I would like more of guarantee that you can actually move forward with financing it. It doesn't give me a lot of feeling that this could happen." -- Great Barrington Selectboard member Leigh Davis

Selectmen frustrated by glacial pace of Housatonic School reuse proposal

The plan, the only one the town has so far received after several requests for proposals, calls for an adaptive reuse of the vacant 110-year-old school on Pleasant Street in the center of the village of Housatonic.

Restoration of dormant school seen as critical to Housatonic village revival

The primary order of business for Conner and Nappo was to get the selectboard to write a letter of endorsement for Grayhouse's application for $75,000 on an emergency basis from the Massachusetts Historical Commission's Preservation Projects Fund.

Proposal for Housatonic School in search of tenants, funding

Grayhouse principal Bill Nappo and his financial consultant, Gillette Conner, updated the selectboard Monday night on the progress of the project. They said they are working closely with MassDevelopment on securing financing.

Candidates for Great Barrington Selectboard, Finance Committee, ZBA present their platforms

The six candidates for Great Barrington Selectboard range from two men and one woman who have been on the scene for a long time to younger office seekers looking for generational change on the board.

Town Manager to sign agreement with Housatonic School developers

A four-page memorandum outlines a timetable for accomplishing specific goals during a one-year period of due diligence in advance of the redevelopment of the abandoned school in the center of the village of Housatonic.

Selectmen to negotiate public-private partnership for reuse of Housatonic School

Under the arrangement, the town would retain ownership of the building and Grayhouse Partners would lease it from the town.

Mixed-use rental proposal for Housatonic School would leave town as landlord

Selectman Ed Abrahams said he does like the idea of a public-private partnership because, even if it means the town still owns the building, at least the town would retain some control over its future.

Local contractor proposes to renovate Housatonic School for housing, commerce

Town manager Jennifer Tabakin told the selectboard Monday night she has received a proposal from Grayhouse Partners, a general contractor specializing in renovations, to buy the Housatonic School.

CHP’s Food Bank: Trying to stop ‘spiraling poverty’ with food and help

“Families are frightened, scared and beaten down. What the staff and I do is give them the strength to go to the other organizations, to get through this and get past this.” --- Michelle Derr, CHP director of WIC [Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Program] Family Services

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