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Tag: Betelgeuse

CONNECTIONS: In America, truth has never gotten in the way of politics

Fomenting fear to drive policy is a political technique older than our country. It has never lost favor with the power hungry and never varied.

EYES TO THE SKY: Star wheels, key to constellations; best-of-year meteor shower

The concept of a planisphere -- a chart of the sphere of the sky drawn for viewing in two dimensions – originated centuries ago; its hands-on format makes it an exciting introduction to the night sky.

EYES TO THE SKY: The Hunter lies on the horizon followed by his bright dogs

When seen to the left of Rigel (Arabic for “foot”), the Dog Star Sirius, like Procyon, heels to his master, Orion the Hunter.

EYES TO THE SKY: Seasonal change is aloft, vernal equinox

March 9 - 22, 2015  What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.
………… No time to see, in broad...

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