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CONNECTIONS: The discovery and fate of Typhoid Mary

Mary Mallon was something almost unheard of in the early 20th century: an asymptomatic carrier of typhoid.

GB on Tap update: Bylaw enforcement and water stations

The three installation sites – Town Hall, Mason Library and Housy Dome – were chosen in careful coordination with the Department of Public Works.

News Brief: Water stations funding in place

The ban on the sale of single-use plastic bottles went into effect Jan. 1, 2019, but the town has held off on compliance enforcement until public water stations are completed.

Correcting the record: The bottle ban IS in effect

In his letter Great Barrington Selectboard Chair Steve Bannon writes: "The selectboard did vote to delay the ticketing process for violations of the bylaw until May 2020, for several reasons correctly listed by the Berkshire Women's Action Group."

The single-use plastic water bottle ban and GB on TAP: A progress report

These refill stations are extremely hygienic, as no skin or mouth contact is needed to refill your bottle. The units will be owned and maintained by the town.

Great Barrington Selectboard backs away from enforcement of plastic water bottle ban

Selectboard Chairman Steve Bannon said he could not support enforcement of the bylaw until there is an implementation and funding plan for the series of water stations that are planned to help consumers refill the reusable bottles.

Bits & Bytes: FODfest 2018; ‘PLASTIC!’ in Housatonic; world music program for kids; Social Change Film Series; ‘Voices of Poetry’ at the Mount

To ease the transition and make tap water more readily available, the Berkshire Women’s Action Group’s Environment Committee is planning a gradual rollout of modern, hygienic water-refill stations around Great Barrington and Housatonic.

Bits & Bytes: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes; ‘Being Black in the Berkshires;’ Joachim Frank at Lenox Library; ‘Having Difficult Conversations’ workshop; Amanda...

A discussion of African-Americans’ Berkshires history and culture as well as the stories and voices not being told or heard, 'Being Black in the Berkshires' will remember the past, assess the present and plan for the future.

Water refill station planning underway in Great Barrington

In their letter to the editor, members of the Environment Committe of the Berkshire Women Action Group write: "We are also compiling answers to questions people have about the stations and the GB on Tap program."

Students ‘shed new light’ on plastic water bottle debate

The message I was hoping to broadcast at the special town meeting in Great Barrington offers a different perspective on the conflict.

NEWS ANALYSIS: Plastic water bottle ban exposes divisions as town fails to buy off O’Brien

The divide between the natives and those from outside the area is as wide as it's ever been. Don't take my word for it or judge based only on Monday night's meeting. As of Tuesday afternoon the Great Barrington Community Board Facebook page contained more than 500 comments.

Bottled water vs. tap: Do the math – it’s a no-brainer…

In her letter to the editor, Marcia Arland writes: “Plastic is cheap to produce and convenient. But what is not figured into this equation is the overall cost to consumers, communities, the environment.”

Special town meeting set for recall vote on plastic water bottle ban

The approval of the plastic water bottle ban from residents at the annual town meeting followed a lengthy and impassioned appeal at the annual town meeting from three Monument Mountain Regional High School students.

With petition filed, group ramps up effort to repeal plastic water bottle ban

The new bylaw effectively bans the sale of single-use plastic noncarbonated water bottles of one liter in size or less within the town limits of Great Barrington. It will take effect May 1, 2019. 

The many reasons the plastic bottle bylaw is essential

Rome was not built in a day. Banning the sale of single-use plastic bottles is a start. It builds the momentum begun by Concord, and creates a model for other towns to emulate.

A student’s perspective on the plastic water bottle  debate

Almost everyone I know already brings a reusable water bottle to school (many in bright colors or covered in fun stickers), and I don’t foresee the ban changing our day-to-day life in any way. In fact, I don’t see this being a major detriment in any way to most citizens of Great Barrington.

Cadre of residents, merchants look to repeal plastic water bottle ban

While a long list of businesses and other organizations said they supported the new bylaw, it did not sit did well with a number of other merchants, who felt the ban would harm their businesses or who objected on the grounds of legislative overreach. 

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