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Fourteen-year-old youth deceased after being found unresponsive in Benedict Pond

The child was transported to Fairview Hospital; however, lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful.

JUST IN: 40 years on, DA’s office releases new suspect sketches in cold case disappearance

The District Attorney's Office and State Police have continued to investigate the case, with the focus on a separate attempted abduction that occurred earlier in the night, 13 miles away in Williamstown.

District Attorney’s office issues warning about fentanyl

The Berkshire District Attorney's Office encourages residents to learn the signs of an overdose and act immediately -- call 911, administer naloxone, perform rescue breathing.

Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington speaks out on criminal justice reform, marijuana legalization

"As a parent, and someone who’s worked with young people who are at risk, I’m very concerned with how we protect young people from marijuana. We know that marijuana is devastating for developing brains. If your kids get drunk before school, you’re going to notice. But if they’re smoking marijuana, it’s a lot harder to tell." --Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington

Great Barrington Assistant Treasurer/Collector under criminal investigation

A financial betrayal of trust by a town employee, let alone one empowered to help collect and safeguard residents’ tax payments, is a bitter pill for any community to swallow.

News Briefs: Volunteers sought for sustainability committee; audit recommends DA office improvements

The audit, which was requested by former District Attorney Paul Caccaviello shortly after his March 2018 appointment, provides newly sworn-in District Attorney Andrea Harrington with recommendations to address these areas.

Breach of town ‘trust policy’ disputed after ICE arrest of immigrant

Great Barrington Police Chief Bill Walsh said his department "played a minimal role in this operation"; that he reported it to his boss, Town Manager Jennifer Tabakin, the next day; and that he responded to media inquiries on the incident.

Of plastic bottles and ‘marijuana wars’: a Great Barrington year in review

2018 has provided enough Great Barrington news to keep journalists busy and observers of town politics highly amused, signaling that the community dubbed "best small town in America" by Smithsonian Magazine continues to be a place in transition.

News Brief: Harrington names Dohoney, Kempthorne to leadership team

Harrington and her team will take office after being sworn in Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019.

Stewart defeated but Sears, Silvers returned to SBRSD school committee as vote tallies delayed in Sheffield

In an interview, Bonnie Silvers, who currently chairs the school committee, said the third Sheffield seat will be settled in a few days.

Caccaviello is every bit a Democrat

In his letter to the editor James Harris writes: "As a proud liberal, I will write in Caccaviello for Berkshire County district attorney on the basis of his far greater suitability for the job at hand."

News Briefs: Neal endorses Harrington; MassTrails program

MassTrails will provide a total of approximately $5 million in matching grants through the first round of funding in fiscal year 2020 and will also offer technical assistance and resources to individuals, municipalities, non-profits and other public entities to design, construct and maintain high-quality Massachusetts trails.

DA candidate Caccaviello is flawed; Harrington is tough, ethical

In a letter to the editor, Leo Yantovsky writes, "Not graciously accepting his loss in the primary, he then launched his write-in campaign, likely the pressure of those who have held onto power in the Berkshires for a long time."

Caccaviello’s experience will benefit Berkshire County

In a letter to the editor, Dan Bianchi writes, "I had the opportunity as mayor to see Paul Caccaviello in action coordinating the preparation of the worst of criminal cases, prosecuting those who sold drugs to our children, robbed senior citizens, abused women and committed murder."

Harrington shows commitment to Berkshire County

In a letter to the editor, Dina Guiel Lampiasi writes: "... we need a DA who understands our communities; we need a DA who shows up not only when it is election season."

Elected officials and primary voters have supported Andrea Harrington for District Attorney

In her letter Ellen Croibier writes: "The people have spoken and multiple other Berkshire County officials have endorsed Andrea Harrington as the Democratic nominee for Berkshire County District Attorney."

Healey’s support of Harrington diminishes office of AG

In her letter Regina Hill writes: "The Democratic nominee for district attorney is the least qualified person to ever run, yet she is the beneficiary of help and support from those I believe ignored that critical fact."

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