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REVIEW: Energy to spare — The TMC Orchestra and Shostakovich Fill the Shed with Sound and Drama

Despite its year-to-year changing membership, this orchestra is reliably distinguished by energy, enthusiasm, and responsiveness, along with technical polish and precision.

NATURE’S TURN: Sprinting to spring — early vegetable varieties for optimum nutrition

While preparing for spring, I am still pulling onions, garlic, turnips, beets and carrots from cold storage.

NATURE’S TURN: Garden to table: Beets for every palate

Considering that beets are among our most nutritious vegetables, I searched for varieties that would be irresistible to lifelong beet haters.

NATURE’S TURN: Harvest, feast and prepare for storage, renewal

Harvesting, preparing and preserving the season’s crops, combined with ongoing care of the plants and soil, has reached a climax of activity.

NATURE’S TURN: August turnover: garden digest

There is so much information to digest and respond to in the expanse of a mid-summer garden.

NATURE’S TURN: Melodious phrases, vegetable plantings with spires of camass flowers

From the rousing, quirky sounds and silhouetted flight of woodcocks in the late winter dusk to the melodious phrases and amusing spectacle of speed-walking robins on sunny, just-raked garden beds, the activities of seasonal arrivals have tuned our response to the swelling spring.

NATURE’S TURN: Wood frogs, peepers, wind woo springtime sower

The warmth that thawed the wood frogs thawed my garden beds and gave rise to tiny leafy tops on half a dozen overwintered parsnips.

NATURE’S TURN: On the cusp of winter, Turtle Tree Seeds turns toward spring

Last week, on the eve of the deepest chill and wind chill of the season, I reached into reserves of dogged determination to secure my harvest of fennel, dill, peppers, French sorrel, amaranth and most of the turnips.

NATURE’S TURN: Garden as wellspring of vitality

The unpredictable experiences that occur while gardening can be the most engaging or challenging to our senses, our emotions, intellects and aesthetics.

NATURE’S TURN: Winter muse, then arctic freeze, winds transform the landscape

Plants painted with prickly frost crystals sparkled, lit by morning’s first sunbeams. Every sparkle flashed rainbow colors. Each uniquely rimed leaf invited a close-up look.

NATURE’S TURN: Intoxicating tree colors surround the autumn garden

Stored in a cool, dark location, green tomatoes ripen slowly and develop good flavor. Check often. I’ve enjoyed juicy Brandywines into early December.

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