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President Biden to drop out of presidential race – updated with statements from Governor Healey, Congressman Neal

President Biden had been previously under pressure by members of the Democratic party to drop out.

Coronavirus impact: Some South County businesses close, some struggle, others do well

If you're a restaurant owner who wants to stay open in the midst of a public health crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic, you essentially have one choice: trying to eke out a living by offering take-out, and perhaps delivery.

Newly opened Miller’s Pub strives to hit that perfect downtown ‘mix’

Indeed, if you closed your eyes before entering and reopened them, you'd think you were in an English or Irish pub.

Bits & Bytes: Holiday Shop, Sip & Stroll; ‘Sense & Sensibility’ at Shake & Co.; ‘Unborn Sun’ at Berkshire Botanical Garden; Tony Trischka at...

New York City-based John Gordon Gauld holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design and is a recent recipient of the Martha Boschen Porter Grant from the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

CONNECTIONS: Berkshire road trip! Part II

Lenox is known as a Gilded Age resort and many of the mansions are restored and open.

Baba Louie’s moving from prime Main Street location to former Allium space

With space for 105 diners, the former Allium space will allow owner Paul Masiero to more than double his capacity.

Of plastic bottles and ‘marijuana wars’: a Great Barrington year in review

2018 has provided enough Great Barrington news to keep journalists busy and observers of town politics highly amused, signaling that the community dubbed "best small town in America" by Smithsonian Magazine continues to be a place in transition.

Thumbing through the photo archives: The ‘Southern Berkshires Through Time’

In “Southern Berkshires Through Time,” Leveille has examined almost 200 sites, ranging from historical homes, businesses and intersections, to one of Leveille's other passions: unusual rock formations.

‘Below the radar and above the shops’: Great Barrington’s upstairs economy

"We all love living here and want to be able to work downtown, go downstairs and get coffee and go across the street and get food. I like to go next door to buy my clothing." -- Asa Hardcastle, whose Tonic 5 software development company is on the floor above Tom’s Toys on Main Street

Brace yourself: Great Barrington downtown streets to be upgraded

"In general, this is much less intense than the Main Street reconstruction ... Primarily because the rights of way are limited, the funding source is not MassDOT ... which gives us a lot more flexibility in what we can do." --Great Barringtn town planner Chris Rembold

Cadre of residents, merchants look to repeal plastic water bottle ban

While a long list of businesses and other organizations said they supported the new bylaw, it did not sit did well with a number of other merchants, who felt the ban would harm their businesses or who objected on the grounds of legislative overreach. 

Tribute to Du Bois’ 150th birthday kicks off with new exhibit and youth involvement

The birthday events for Great Barrington's most famous native son seem to signal a newfound appreciation of the civil rights leader, who had not been fully embraced by the community because of his sometimes-controversial past.

Great Barrington’s parking shortfall: Fact or fiction?

"If you don't think we have a problem, watch drivers circle our streets on Saturdays like desperate sharks.” --- Writer and downtown resident Mickey Friedman

Reinventing downtown Great Barrington: Commerce or retail ‘destination’?

"You want uses that drive foot traffic. At the same time, there are economics ... " -- Great Barrington Planning Board chair Brandee Nelson

Great Barrington Selectboard endorses top of Railroad Street redevelopment project

“The trend nationally is that both baby boomers and millennials are migrating back to downtown centers for greater mobility options, access to shopping, restaurants, cultural venues, recreational facilities and healthcare options.” --- Ian Rasch

CONNECTIONS: Life, love and death in 1906 America

Were we the same country in 1906 or were we as different as chalk and cheese?

Notes, footnotes and queries

Video cameras will be observing vehicular (and pedestrian) traffic during the Main Street Reconstruction. But who will be watching, and who will watch them?

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