Wednesday, June 12, 2024

News and Ideas Worth Sharing


THEATER REVIEW: ‘2.5 Minute Ride’ plays at Hartford Stage through June 23

I don’t always recommend solo performances, but this one is that rare exception. It is a must see!

AUDIOBOOKS: A thriller, short stories, and science fiction

This week we offer audiophiles a mysterious thriller, some lengthy short stories by Stephen King, and a fast-moving science fiction title that will also appeal to young adult fans of science fiction.

AUDIOBOOKS: Short stories

This week we are listening to three collections of short stories, including one by Truman Capote that opens up a window to another time, and a very timely collection that addresses race, but told with cunning and insight.

AUDIOBOOKS: Inspiration, short stories and an unusual novel

This week we offer some inspiration from a former first lady, some dystopian short stories and an unusual Irish novel.

AUDIOBOOKS: African and African American authors

In honor of the Black Lives Matter movement, we are reviewing three audiobooks by African and African American authors.

AUDIOBOOKS: Ghosting, India, and a dystopian tale

Being ghosted takes on an entirely new meaning in our first audiobook this week, followed by a novel about India by an acclaimed writer, and a dystopian tale about life after a pandemic.

AUDIOBOOKS: Stories, a thriller, and a series

This week we can settle in to some serious listening with a collection of extraordinarily well-written literary stories, a thriller, and the fourth in the Cormoran Strike novels.

AUDIOBOOKS: A confession, stories, and a memoir

This week we listen to a confession about a literary forger that was made into an amusing movie starring Melissa McCarthy, a series of loosely connected stories, and a starkly honest memoir.

AUDIOBOOKS: New authors

This week we have three authors new to this audiophile.

AUDIOBOOKS: Harper Lee, the Midwest, and a culinary tour

This week we take an in-depth look at the book that was almost Harper Lee’s last effort, a look inside a Midwestern community, and a culinary tour through the land of gumbo.

AUDIOBOOKS: Food stories

This week we have a couple of easy-on-the-ears, food-based mysteries and a surprisingly compelling, nonfiction peek into the luxurious world of truffles.

AUDIOBOOKS: Armchair traveling

This week we traverse the American landscape in search of famous men, odd histories and clean, abundant water.

AUDIOBOOKS: Three novels

This week we offer a serious novel about forgiveness, another about overcoming adversity, and one just to distract and scare you a bit.

AUDIOBOOKS: Novels and nonfiction

Two novels and one nonfiction audiobook provide inspiration and hope as we ease into our new normal.

AUDIOBOOKS: Being Black in America, local mystery, American cuisine

This week we explore what it means to be black in America, listen to a locally produced mystery, and learn about the origins of American cuisine.

AUDIOBOOKS: Words, books and politics

Words and the love of books are at the heart of two audiobooks this week, along with a deep delve into White House politics.

AUDIOBOOKS: Keeping our minds occupied

Here are a few ideas to keep our minds occupied while we are isolating and trying to keep sane and healthy.

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