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STEPHEN COHEN: A rise in antisemitism

This essay is about our feelings towards one another in our home in the Berkshires.

Alan Chartock: The professor grades the politicians

Today I am bringing myself out of professorial retirement (I am otherwise employed now) to see if I still have my tutorial chops. I will attempt to give accurate grades to our politicians.

Alan Chartock: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand drops out

If you were lucky enough to become a United States senator, why in the world would you not believe that you could be president?

Alan Chartock: A charm of Democrats seek presidential nomination

It is possible that Gillibrand believes that if she pursues the nomination, she will be the veep choice. That way, if she runs with one of the octogenarians, Bernie or Joe, she could end up on top after one term.

Alan Chartock: A woman for vice president?

Now it is four years later and Bernie is 77. Some people might hold that against him, objecting to the fact that, after two terms, he would be in his mid-80s. That means that his vice presidential pick is going to be very important, what with the statistics leaning against Bernie.

LEONARD QUART: Reflections on Woody Allen’s sexual politics

Being creepy is not the same thing as being predatory, and somehow the lines have to be drawn.  

News Briefs: Triplex to host CDC event; Town Hall Forum at Morningside School; Textbook Affordability Bill; BTCF awards; mayoral debate schedule

Donors who give gifts of $1,000 or more to the Community Development Corporation's affordable housing program will receive a 50 percent credit toward their Massachusetts state taxes.

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