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Monument Valley Road Construction Begins Week of 6/17

During the week the road will be limited to local traffic only between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Animal agriculture in winter: What farmers do when they’re not growing greens

“We don’t see as much agriculture here as you would in a different part of the country,” Sean Stanton explained; as a result, “you end up with people wondering why the cows are outside in the snow and not understanding how their systems work.”

Greenagers launches “Close the Gap” campaign to support expansion, acquisition, of Kellogg Conservation Center; more than $1.1 million raised so far

The care and stewardship of an historic property offers a unique opportunity for area youth to glean lessons of the past as they develop ideas for a sustainable future.

The Big E-xcitement: My day at the fair

I also learned that there’s plenty of good beer there, brewed in New England. And if you stand on one of the tables in one of the beer gardens, you can watch people pay 10 bucks for a lame monster truck ride.

Margaret Moulton takes the helm at Berkshire Grown

And at the center of this work is connecting people who are already interested in local food and farm-to-table ideas but don’t have on the ground experience; getting folks on the farms and in the field.

Berkshire Grown farm tour shows collaboration among area farmers is alive and well

“Our day is about collaborating — in particular the collaboration of farmers,” said Barbara Zheutlin, executive director of Berkshire Grown, to an impressive group of participants who gathered at Sky View Farm in Sheffield to kick off the day-long farm tour.

Sustainable Berkshires: Learning to love the land at Abode of the Message

Berkshire Grown has given our local farms someone to rely on for help when it seems as though community support has waned.

Praise for Morven Allen

In his letter to the editor Mickey Friedman writes: “Those of us lucky enough to know him know how extraordinarily generous he is.”

SUSTAINABLE BERKSHIRES: The Balsam Hill Farm, an organic dairy farm

“I believe in a regional food system. In a perfect system, we’d have a little bottling plant here in South County and the milk wouldn’t leave the county.” -- Balsam Hill Farm owner Morven Allen

Great Barrington Selectboard considers resolution to protect organic farms from GMOs and pesticides

“There are a lot of people trying to do organic farming around here. This [resolution] is about protecting our local organic farmers. If you get GMO seed into your field, you’re done.” -- Selectboard member Bill Cooke, who introduced a draft resolution intended to protect the integrity of organic farms and their produce.

State decision sparks controversy on sale of Project Native farmland

“The rug was pulled out from us after [Project Native’s] 15 years of work and investments of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. [For the Department of Agricultural Resources] to not explain is just wrong — it’s an injustice.” --- Erik Bruun, Project Native Board Chairman

HEADS UP: Altering genes, human and otherwise, made easy

The new gene editing technology is so simple and straightforward that a bright grad student with a good teacher can learn to use CRISPR-Cas9 in a matter of weeks.

BerkShares Business of the Month: Hosta Hill

Maddie Elling and Abe Hunrichs of Hosta Hill were intrigued with recipes from Sandor Katz’s "Wild Fermentation," and excited by the opportunity to dig up ancient traditions and experiment with them in the 21st century.

Agricultural Adventures: The chèvre of Rawson Brook Farm

There is no information on the web about Rawson Brook Farm, so visitors have to know something about goat cheese or the farm before they arrive.

Feeding the Berkshires year round — one front lawn garden bed at a time

The idea is to have a year round source of fresh food. Greenagers comes back in the fall, does a seasonal planting, and puts up hoops and plastic, turning it into a greenhouse.

Agricultural Adventures: Mill River Farm

“Farming has been the most challenging and demanding endeavor of my life. “ -- Jan Johnson, owner of Mill River Farm

CULINARY ADVENTURES: The Leahey Family, committed to organic dairy farming

The Leahey family has been farming in Lee since 1889 and it seems something of a miracle that this farm has not only survived but is reinventing itself.

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