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I WITNESS: What will it take to ban assault weapons?

Welcome to the new America: a breeding ground for vitriol, animosity, and homicidal rage.

THEATRE REVIEW: The Theater Barn’s ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ a fine and subtle piece of stagecraft

Everyone plays his or her role with a sense of Christie's perfect formula for mystery theater. The entire company couldn't be too much better.

Part I: Local Berkshire Playwrights taking on Big Subjects

What I am referring to is the vast amount of playwriting talent there is in this area. We have plays in development, plays and musicals in production, and some that are being written at this very moment!

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘The Mousetrap’ at The Theatre Barn is just right

Phelps’ production is about the best you will see outside of St. Martin’s Theater in the West End of London, so save yourself the airfare and get to New Lebanon instead.

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