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STEPHEN COHEN: A rise in antisemitism

This essay is about our feelings towards one another in our home in the Berkshires.

Letting Go, Not Forgetting & Feeling Hopeful Despite It All

Our first Christmas in our first home. It’s official. The Berkshires have become Home.

The Brien Center turns addiction into a story of hope, transformation and recovery

“The Brien Center is all about possibility. Anyone can recover, anyone can make a change in their lives." -- Brien Center Medical Director Dr. Jennifer Michaels

The Hello It’s Me Project comes to Pittsfield: Dr. Claudia Gold at the helm of initiative to create healthy bonds between parents and infants

The Hello It’s Me Project shines a spotlight on these tender new relationships, investing resources around the birth of a baby with the long-term goal of building a healthy community from the bottom up. While the project will serve the entire community, it is particularly well-suited to support parent-infant relationships impacted by the growing opioid crisis.

Coping with teen substance abuse: A training session for parents

The techniques and approaches Foote advocates are not specific to any particular substance or circumstance; rather, they address the fact that communication gets much more fraught, and the stakes get much higher, when kids enter their teen years.

Overwatch: Confessions of an addict

Maybe you know what I’m talking about. Denial. It’s a very big deal. I told myself: it’s all about education, beginning with PBS and their nature shows and the science shows and then “Frontline” and the “PBS NewsHour.” Nothing wrong with learning, I told myself.

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘Chasing the New White Whale’ at La MaMa uses ‘Moby Dick’ as a metaphor for opioid addiction

The playwright wrote the play in response to the heroin overdose of his brother, who was a fisherman out of New Bedford, Massachusetts, capital of the 19th century’s booming whaling industry.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Dopesick’ is a personal look at the opioid epidemic

“Dopesick” is about a drug that was sold as non-addictive, but is so incredibly addictive it is almost impossible to kick. It kills more Americans than the wars we are fighting.

Local support available for those who wish to quit nicotine

In her letter Joyce Brewer writes: "It takes most people with a nicotine addiction several tries to quit for good, so reach out to those who have conquered this addiction and let them know you are proud of how hard they're working to better their well-being."

An integrated solution to pain management and the opioid crisis

The new law does not currently specify acupuncture or any other particular form of pain management, but rather a “broad spectrum” of therapies that can include yoga, massage, diet, nutrition, and mindfulness, just to name a few others.

Addiction in the Berkshires: Four-part ‘Sara’s story’ hits home

I was recently invited to be the guest speaker for two journalism classes at Monument Mountain Regional High School in Great Barrington. The students, about 35 all together, had prepared questions for me based on their reading the day before of my recent four-part series, "Addiction in the Berkshires: Sara’s story."

Addiction in the Berkshires, Sara’s story: Chapter 4, recovery

"I think a second chance is the greatest gift you can give. I still remember and am forever grateful for the people who gave me a couch to sleep on or a ride or anything when I was on the streets."

Addiction in the Berkshires, Sara’s story: Chapter 3

I was needing to use constantly. I had just left the clinic, and so now I had even more of a habit because I had the heroin on top of the methadone. I was sick every two hours around the clock.

POEM: Barefooted Dogs

Swaying, barely anchored, I make my way to the bottom pilings of the Mississippi Bridge and begin to climb.

Addiction in the Berkshires: Sara’s story, chapter 2

"I’ve been with several people while they overdosed, and rescue breathing worked. I can think of five: three times in a car, two times in a house. Three are dead now."

Addiction in the Berkshires, Chapter 1: Sara’s story

"When I was younger, I was an A student, in the 98th percentile on all the tests. I did ballet. You wouldn’t have thought I would end up the way I did. All my teachers thought I had a lot of promise and would do well in life."

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