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Encore! Billy Collins

Billy Collins is surely the most popular American poet since Robert Frost. We are pleased to offer an encore column of his wonderful work.

News Briefs: ROE Act forum; senior center legal clinic

The forum will consist of community leaders, including clergy and leaders of the statewide coalition promoting passage of the legislation, who will highlight the features of the bill and fine points of the legislative process.

‘Mayor of Main Street’ David Magadini missing in action

On the evening of July 6, Magadini, who was known to walk the streets pushing a cart containing his belongings, was reportedly struck by a minivan on South Main Street (Route 7) in the area of Ward's Nursery.

THEATRE REVIEW: ‘Hold These Truths’ at Barrington Stage is beautifully acted, deftly and pointedly directed

The power of de la Fuente’s impeccably calibrated performance lies in its understatement.

Great Barrington cannabis store joins ‘social equity’ program to help others enter the business

Theory Wellness, the first medical cannabis dispensary to launch in the Berkshires and one of the first recreational retailers to open in the state, has stepped forward to fund and operate a social equity program designed to support "economic empowerment" entrepreneurs in opening cannabis dispensaries.

Our real national emergency is in Washington, not at the border

And the rest of us will be thrust into a national emergency of conscience. For we have allowed children to be snatched from the arms of their parents and sent to inadequate holding cells, cages, transported hundreds, even thousands of miles from their loved ones to caretakers in the employ of nonprofits, men and women who don’t know the names of the villages of these children, their aunts and uncles, their neighbors, or what they love to eat for dinner.

Opening the Weedgates, Part VI: Calling BS on social equity

In the push for medical cannabis approval in 2012 in Massachusetts, and then to the passage of recreational in 2016, the ACLU, Drug Policy Alliance and others stressed the racial and class disparities of the war on drugs. It is a fair guess that many of the more than 60 percent of Berkshire County voters who checked “yes” on the 2016 ballot question did so at least in part to help right these wrongs.

Opening the Weedgates III: The cruel and unusual legal world of recreational marijuana

Though Great Barrington might soon be hosting four or five cannabis retail stores, you are likely to have a hard time figuring out what they sell.

The police and the press

Obviously, beginning in 1960, the Supreme Court thought that freedom of the press was so important that, while someone might be hurt by the ruling, it was nonetheless worth it.

Amplifications: Women’s rights are human rights

Women are still not protected by the Constitution. The Equal Rights Amendment has never passed.

Caccaviello declines to explain his stance on crucial criminal justice issues

In their letter to the editor Tracy Baker-White, Ali Benjamin and Jessica Dils write: "Andrea Harrington is the only name on the ballot, in part because she was willing stand up and say what she stands for and how she'd use the power of the office."

Harrington has vision, commitment, determination for DA’s office

Andrea's plans for reforming the district attorney's office reflect the changes in the criminal justice system that many people, especially people of color, are seeking at the local level.

As young as one

Recently, our attention has been split by the plight of the Thai boys trapped in the cave, and the bizarre behavior of President Trump in Brussels, the United Kingdom and Helsinki. And yet there are thousands of parents and children trapped in a kind of hell, waiting to find each other.

America’s new policy toward immigrants: Kids in cages, families imprisoned

This time, thankfully, the free press that our president mocks day after day as fake gave us the chance to hear firsthand from these mothers and fathers and their children, to see for ourselves the cages the children were sent to and to hear their cries.

Protesters rally, decry Trump immigration policy

The separation of the families originally began when, on April 6, the Department of Justice announced the original “zero tolerance” policy requiring officials to prosecute as many immigrants illegally entering the country on the southern border as possible.

News Briefs: ‘What a Difference a D.A. Makes’; Rural Health Network strategic plan celebration

The Rural Health Network was created to engage community health and service organizations in identifying the health needs of south Berkshire County residents and anticipating trends in health and health care delivery to effectively assure that residents’ health needs are met.

A reformer, Andrea Harrington, running for district attorney; questions raised about Capeless’ tactics

As Harrington sees it, trying cases against defendants is not the only relevant experience that qualifies one to be a prosecutor. Her extensive experience as a defense attorney, for example, has given her a clear-eyed and detached view of the criminal justice system.

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