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BITS & BYTES: Julie Wosk at Berkshire Museum; Camilo Cárdena at Center for Peace through Culture; Bobby Previte at Hudson Hall; ‘Poor Herman’ at...

Berkshire Museum presents a talk on images of female astronauts and aviators, as well as space-age females in movies, fashion, and television.

New video parodies N.Y. Congressman John Faso for taking away health care

In a new video ad, “Make You Sick,” released this week by the Catskills Freedom Network, animated rapper DJ Faso again turns the tables on the real Faso, imagining him as a rapper trying to explain his betrayal to his voters.

Open enrollment: Notes from the front lines of health care coverage

The Affordable Care Act’s subsidized health care should be viewed by our nation’s leaders as an investment – not a cost – in the health and wellness of everyone. My clients are employed, hardworking Berkshire county residents who are without access to workplace insurance.

We the People: News and Notes

“Since the election in November, it’s become obvious that we are at the beginning of a very difficult journey in our country.” --- Robin Zeamer

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage

Republicans' new health-care bill is a mass transfer of income that cuts taxes for the wealthiest Americans while cutting federal benefits for the middle and working class. -- Washington Post

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