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STEPHEN COHEN: A rise in antisemitism

This essay is about our feelings towards one another in our home in the Berkshires.

New proposal for 100 Bridge St. is a bait-and-switch

Dense mid-rise housing that has lost its greenspace is not only not acceptable – it’s insulting.

Solar panel regulations, BHRSD and town budgets sail through Great Barrington Town Meeting

Perhaps the surprise of the night was how easily Great Barrington's share of the Berkshire Hills Regional School District passed.

Embattled Route 183 bridge reopens to one-lane traffic

The 104-foot-long bridge, which was built in 1969, was deemed by MassDOT in a recent report to be "structurally deficient and functionally obsolete."

In response to criticism, CDC modifies affordable housing plans for GB brownfield

Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire's executive director Tim Geller noted that these changes are “insubstantial” enough not to trigger another public hearing, as state regulations require it for “substantial” changes to the comprehensive permit, which was already granted last fall.

Risks to Sheffield water supply from Bridge Street brownfield prompt call for vigilance

Ward says he wants to stay alert to potential consequences of future remediation and construction work at 100 Bridge St. in case “disturbances to the site could lead to enhanced pollution” of the Sheffield water supply.

Pressure MassDEP to restart bioremediation at brownfield site, say activists

The highly contaminated site, having sat idle and an eyesore in a mostly residential area–and with groundwater contaminated with PCPs right next to the Housatonic River–is wearing patience thin.

Public process initiated for troubled Bridge Street brownfield site

The 8-acre parcel on the Housatonic River has sat for more than 20 years, scraggly and undeveloped, and is still loaded with chlorinated organic compounds like dioxins and PCPs. The site’s owner, Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire (CDC), will hold a public information meeting at the Mason Librarytoday (Wednesday, Jan. 4), at 5:30 p.m. to provide current plans for the site and gather public input.

100 Bridge St.: Brownfield development on the back of affordable housing

In her letter to the editor, Sharon Gregory of Great Barrington writes: "Let us spend NO additional public dollars until a formal proposal has been presented and approved by the DEP. Full remediation is critical to the community."

Times change, and plans for 100 Bridge St. must change, too

In his letter to the editor, Steve McAlister writes: “A major intention of the affordable housing law is to avoid concentrating the residents of such housing on the worst available sites.”        

Questions remain about 100 Bridge St. plans

In her letter to the editor, Joyce Scheffey writes: "Are plans to build a 4-story affordable housing unit, snugly situated next to the sewage treatment plant, actually about to sail through our town boards?"  

Great Barrington Selectboard postpones recommending $40 million 100 Bridge Street project

“The idea of bringing this into a residential neighborhood is hard for me to swallow. So many things that have happened...things we bet on and lost.” --- Great Barrington Selectboard Chair Sean Stanton

Art Ames: A tribute to the Berkshire Co-op Market

Remain a supportive critic of the Co-op. Constructive criticism is one of the strengths they have as an organization that simply doesn’t exist often enough. In today’s economic reality, it’s easy for anyone to lose their way. The Co-op has always made decisions based on its ends. If you feel that they are swaying from what’s important, speak up loudly and go to an occasional board meeting ... the board of directors is here to represent owners’ needs.

Town Meeting to vote on 9 CPA-funded projects totaling $867,000

“The historic character of the town, open space and recreation are absolutely critical components for the economy and this is one way to underwrite that quality of life. A vote for or against any of these projects does not impact your tax bill. CPA funds have already been collected since 2012, and will continue to be collected. We have nine worthy projects to start spending the money on.” -- Great Barrington Town Planner Christopher Remold

Great Barrington CPA Committee approves 9, rejects 2 preservation projects

The Wetherbee Vault was immediately turned down after the committee learned from Department of Public Works (DPW) Director Joseph Sokul that the Cemetery Commission all along had enough money to take care of the deteriorating vault.

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