Students ‘shed new light’ on plastic water bottle debate

My name is Samantha Watson. I am a rising senior at Monument Mountain Regional High School.

I have been working with passionate students and community members to keep the bylaw banning single-use water bottles in the town of Great Barrington. I have drawn on my love of poetry and worked with a team to create a piece to share with the community to communicate the voice of the community’s youth.

However, since comments were cut off later in the special town meeting this past Monday (August 6), I was unable to present a piece I had written, part of a collaboration with local teens.

Above is a video which Anni Crofut and Jenny Clark, members of the Berkshire Women’s Action Group, have created. The group petitioned to get the original bylaw on the agenda for annual town meeting in May. The message I was hoping to broadcast at the special town meeting offers a different perspective on the conflict.

While I am ecstatic that the bylaw still stands, I would still love to share the view in this video with the public. I am aware that a strong polarization still exists in the debate but this message may shed new light on the bylaw for many who still oppose.

Thank you for your time.