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Stockbridge Fire Department is scammed

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By Wednesday, Jan 9, 2019 Letters 5

To the editor:

Today, we live in a world that is not for the trusting type. The phone rings and the local number is a telemarketer or the IRS ready to haul you off to jail for not paying your taxes. You receive an email from someone pretending to be a friend but instead it’s a scammer with an embedded computer virus. Today, you have to be careful about who you are communicating with and what the consequences would be if you were fooled or victimized. This is something that is not uncommon today and could happen to anyone.

This time it has happened to the town of Stockbridge and an unsuspecting Fire Chief Ernest “Chuckie” Cardillo, the Stockbridge Fire Chief, who also is one of the town’s three Selectman, has been placed on partial administrative leave from his job after he was a victim of a vendor scam. The chief purchased material for the town’s Fire Department and later discovered that two vendors had targeted the Fire Department and its Chief  in a buying scam.

While details of these transactions are being reviewed the chief has been removed from his position. If this is something that could happen to anyone of us, why would an upstanding and valued town employee be treated like the criminals that pulled off this scam? There is a very strong rumor that Chief Cardillo could be removed from his position as Fire Chief permanently. An even bigger reality is that a large number of volunteers of the Fire Department have threatened to leave the department in support of the chief.

Punishing Chief Cardillo with the loss of his job does not seem to be the right action in my opinion. The town of Stockbridge surely needs to have stricter guidelines on future purchases made by its department heads. They should also learn from this scam so this does not happen to anyone else. Chief Cardillo was a victim of a scam. Nothing more than that.

Ray Gardino
South Lee

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  1. Debbie says:

    Sadly people especially around here judge people in the wrong at an amazing speed. They would rather look past the person they know and pass harsh judgment. How about we stand by our community and get upset with the REAL criminals which are the scammers. I know the chief personally and he would do anything for the town and it’s people so back off haters.

    1. Joan Embree says:

      Heartless, stupid, cruel and senseless way to treat a decent, innocent, well-motivated and good person the likes of Chief Cardillo. Shame on The Town.

  2. John H. Hart says:

    Is Fire Chief Cardillo “being made an example of”? Is he being placed on “partial administrative leave” because the two other selectmen feel that they “must do something” to justify their positions? If that has any tiny element of truth, in my view, it’s blatant BS!
    When someone like Chuckie has held the position of Fire Chief for as long as he has he knows things about running the Fire Dept. that no one else does. It’s called experience. This scam has taught him about the predators that are out there. I seriously doubt he’ll buy into another scam. To slap his wrist with this “partial” punishment frankly makes no sense to me especially when even town council has said Chuckie was a victim of a SCAM. A scam that has victimized many other towns as well. Give Chuckie back his job and dignity. He deserves both.

  3. Shawn says:

    Who put him on leave and why? Would like to hear all sides of the story… (1st hand)

  4. Jennifer Whalen says:

    This person is also a town selectman whose duties include protecting the town , its’ taxpayers and residents from waste , mismanagement abuse and fraud. The failure to uphold this duty as an elected official can often times results in removal from office and personal liability. This guy should resign as selectman and hope the AG s office and town doesn’t go after him personally for the $83,000 of taxpayers money back. Perhaps the wasted taxpayers’ money if recouped could be applied toward ensuring vital economic drivers to the area such as the health of the Stockbridge Bowll is appropriately taken care of .

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