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Spectrum’s wiley ways

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By Saturday, Jun 15, 2019 Letters 7

To the editor:

I have a summer cottage in Stockbridge and have an on-and-off again relationship with Spectrum, which provides me with both Internet and cable service.

I recently had those services reinstalled and the technician who has helped me for the last three years showed up again. I am not going to tell you his name and you will understand why shortly.

While he was making the installations, we had a catch-up conversation. One of the things I wanted to find out about was what he thought about working for Spectrum as opposed to Time-Warner. Fasten your seat belt because you are going to find it hard to believe what he told me.

“Many of the Time-Warner technicians have left Spectrum,” said he. “They have cut everybody’s pay.” He then told me his pay had been cut by one-third. This is a man with a wife and family. He has looked around for another job, but they are hard to find up here and “installing cable and internet is what I know how to do.”

So here’s the question: Do the resident of the Berkshires who rely on Spectrum — a monopoly mind you — have any say about this very unfortunate cost-cutting practice? Spectrum charges us a lot of money. Surely they can afford to pay their employees a living wage.

What do you think?

Peggy Daniel


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  1. Peter Baranello says:

    Spectrum/Charter need to be broken up. The word Monopoly comes to mind in certain areas where they are the only provider for cable/internet service. In the apartment buildings I live in we cannot install a satellite dish. The “other” internet/cable providers available are simply inadequate.

    1. Shannon says:


      There is a Federal law called the OTARD Rule. If you have a patio, balcony or outdoor space that is for your exclusive use it states that you can have a satellite provider. Line of sight is another challenge, but you should check it out. Maybe it will help.

      1. concerned says:

        Some of us can’t get that because it is in a Complex..and it is not allowed


    Sadly many companies are either cutting pay or whittling down their number of employees for profits sake, leaving many people to fend for themselves. They don’t want to provide insurance or retirement yet they don’t mind working a person to death for profits sake. You would be shocked to know the reality of just how poorly most employees are treated by many of the corporations we shop in and do business with every day and this is America.

    1. concerned says:

      I am not shocked …I am one of them….Not in that Field of work,but I lost a full time ,because Company closed,with benefits,got a part-time,and they only give 28 hours so as not to give benefits… it isn’t getting better here in the Land of the Free

  3. W.C. says:

    Spectrum is the devil, “pay more and we will give you less”.

  4. concerned says:

    I have problems with my “All In one package” at various times,they said the Phone was wiring,they send a “Tech” out ,he says it can’t be resolved as the wiring, Ok,then after it is fine, for a few Month’s,then I can’t get internet working right,it’s ” All in one package,” then the cable messes up,they say watch On Demand and catch up on Demand.which is a Joke as sometimes you have to wait weeks, for them to get the programs to catch up……. then the phone/internet messes up again…. And the packages they offer force you to take things you don’t need ,nor channels that you don’t want,then they raise the price again… you are force to cut your package to a lower tier…..and lose out the Channels you once enjoy….and then you get Channels you never watch…and it is a visious cycle,I feel bad for Tech’s as they work hard to help and to find they are paid less is a total Sham

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