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Spectrum’s wiley ways

By Saturday, Jun 15, 2019 Letters 14

To the editor:

I have a summer cottage in Stockbridge and have an on-and-off again relationship with Spectrum, which provides me with both Internet and cable service.

I recently had those services reinstalled and the technician who has helped me for the last three years showed up again. I am not going to tell you his name and you will understand why shortly.

While he was making the installations, we had a catch-up conversation. One of the things I wanted to find out about was what he thought about working for Spectrum as opposed to Time-Warner. Fasten your seat belt because you are going to find it hard to believe what he told me.

“Many of the Time-Warner technicians have left Spectrum,” said he. “They have cut everybody’s pay.” He then told me his pay had been cut by one-third. This is a man with a wife and family. He has looked around for another job, but they are hard to find up here and “installing cable and internet is what I know how to do.”

So here’s the question: Do the resident of the Berkshires who rely on Spectrum — a monopoly mind you — have any say about this very unfortunate cost-cutting practice? Spectrum charges us a lot of money. Surely they can afford to pay their employees a living wage.

What do you think?

Peggy Daniel