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By Saturday, Jan 20, 2018 Viewpoints 2

In Buddhist teachings there is a practice of ‘simply’ saying ‘yes’ to whatever arises in our experience. It is a practice of being with things as they are. In accepting,(meaning seeing things as they are) without judgment, without resistance, we become calmer, clearer and more able to respond to our situation with genuine kindness and creativity. I may feel angry or think the world is a mess or feel useless or sad…it’s just what is happening, what is true.

Am I willing to feel my life as it is?



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  1. Steve Farina says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Deb. It seems like such a simple thing, yet sometimes not so much in the moment. What a great state of being to grow towards and have.
    I always appreciate your posts. You are awesome!

  2. Susie Kaufman says:

    Deb….Your drawings make manifest so much of what I’m trying to put into words. They bring more clarity and allow me to see the complex flow of life arriving in one pool where I can swim.

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