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Some thoughts on something other than Biden

I love living in the Berkshires and hate the roads.

To the editor:

I need to take a rest from bemoaning the very sad debate, if one could call that a debate. Was it the end of democracy and the beginning of who knows what? I need a break. I even took a break from whining about the dreaded and, in my view, very stupid traffic circle in Great Barrington, although it has given rise to a new spectator sport of watching large trucks try to negotiate the ring. I curse at it every time we pass by, and my husband has now named it the Susan Winston f*cking circle.

But now there is a new traffic arena to despise: South Egremont. Yes, we have all lived for years—yes, years of dirt, mud, traffic holdups, other dislocations. And while I give tribute to those hard workers who have worked there forever and feel sorry for the home and business owners who lost their driveways, their lawns, and, in some cases, much business, now we have a whole new driving test to get through. There are raised pothole covers you must dodge, round pockets of potential vehicular pain and those new cement thingies—what are they doing there? To divide the highway? We never had an issue with that but now must dodge the surprise divides. And then there are the drainage covers that are square with pointy ends. If you hit them the wrong way, say goodbye to a tire nailed by the point. It is just not safe at any speed, and that speed is 25 miles per hour, and it can still trash your tire.

I love living in the Berkshires and hate the roads. (Add in the Mass Pike forever under construction.) I feel they have been constructed now to be an Olympic sport. Can you drive through South Egremont without hitting one of the obstacles? Doubtful. But if so, the medals will be handed out after the Olympics along with a forklift and a pile of dirt.

Susan Winston, LMFT
Great Barrington

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