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Trevor Young
After hauling out the 5,000-pound UFO monument, Sheffield town workers prepare to remove a bench from a town right-of-way.

Sheffield town crew hauls away UFO monument; ‘off-world’ witness vows to ‘file charges’

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By Thursday, Jun 6, 2019 News 60

Sheffield — The years-long drama over a controversial monument and park sited near the covered bridge reached a tipping point Tuesday morning (June 4) as town crews arrived with heavy equipment and carted portions of it away.

The Sheffield UFO monument in happier days at the approach to the Sheffield covered bridge. Photo: Trevor Young

A crew from the town highway department arrived at around 8:30 a.m. with a front-end loader/backhoe combination and hauled away the monument, a bench and a row of crushed stone.

The monument and park were built to commemorate what Thomas Reed, who grew up on Boardman Street, calls an “off-world incident.” In an Aug. 26, 2015, ceremony, Reed and a group of supporters gathered at the covered bridge off Route 7 to commemorate an event that occurred Sept. 1, 1969, when Reed and others say they saw a UFO near the site.

Reed, then only 9, said he and his family found themselves “being taken aboard a tarnished circular looking vessel where an image of a willow tree was displayed,” according to Reed’s website. A monument to the sighting was placed near the Sheffield covered bridge during the ceremony almost four years ago.

But trouble soon erupted. Many people in town were upset by the monument’s appearance. Moreover, the town’s attorney later determined that the monument had been placed on town property and the order came down for it to be moved.

Thomas Reed

Reed insisted town officials had told him the original location was fine but the monument was later moved about 50 feet to the east onto the property of his friend Louis Aragi, who owns Pine Island Farm.

More than a year ago, a town land survey reportedly found that the slab and its accoutrements were still on a town right-of-way and Reed must relocate them or the town would do it for him.

Selectboard member Nadine Hawver referred questions to selectboard chair Rene Wood, who referred inquiries to town administrator Rhonda Labombard, who did not immediately return a message seeking comment. Sheffield Town Hall is closed to the public on Wednesdays (the day this article was written).

In a brief interview, Selectman Martin Mitsoff confirmed to The Edge that the town removed the monument and that the portion of the park on the town right-of-way had been reclaimed. The other portion of the park, including several benches and some solar lamps, that were on Aragi’s property slightly to the north, were not disturbed.

“The monument was removed at considerable expense to the town,” Mitsoff said, though he could not say precisely how much it cost in legal and surveying fees. “Unfortunately, the party responsible was not responsive.”

Reed told The Edge via text message Tuesday that his nonprofit, UFO Monument Park Inc., has retained a lawyer and plans to contest the town’s action.

“Today the gloves come off,” he said. Reed further insisted that the town’s right-of-way “does not constitute ownership of any kind.”

Park-goers stroll past the spot in Sheffield where the UFO monument once resided. Photo: Terry Cowgill)

“It’s simply an area of land that is shared by the town via the landowner and its leaser, UFO Monument Park Inc.,” Reed said. “Despite earlier reporting, I also have signed agreements by the town’s lawyers, Pine Island Farms, and myself dating back as far as 2015.”

Mark G. Lavoie, who lives in Granville, is a former nonprofit executive and horticulturalist who has been advising Reed. He told The Edge he sees the town’s removal of the monument and the bench next to it as “theft of property.”

“Town crews entered to take possession of someone else’s property,” Lavoie said. “This was a conspiracy by a few, an unlawful trespass, illegal seizure of property and, in my opinion, defamation.”

Lavoie had heard of Reed’s project on a radio program and the two became friends. Lavoie later donated some of the trees and solar lights that remain on the northern portion of the property.

He said there is a group in town waging a “vendetta” against his friend and that Reed “has been harassed for a number of years.” Lavoie added that Reed had received a “threatening letter” from town officials two weeks ago but Reed was traveling and unable to respond.

Solar lamps and benches remain in the portion of the Sheffield UFO park not in the town right-of-way. Photo: Terry Cowgill

Asked whether the monument was indeed sitting on town property, Lavoie replied, “That may be true but … even if it was town property, what’s the beef? This is a tourist opportunity for Sheffield.”

Lavoie called the park “a state-sanctioned historical site.” It was a reference to a letter, a copy of which was affixed to the monument and signed by Gov. Charlie Baker, proclaiming that the state recognizes the claim of the UFO sighting and abduction in Sheffield.

Tim Buckley, then Baker’s communications director, told this reporter in 2016 the citation was issued in error after a persistent Reed repeatedly asked the governor’s staff to put his signature on it. The text of the citation is all in capitals and is poorly written. It appears to have been notarized by a justice of the peace in Connecticut.

Over the years, the Sheffield UFO story has attracted considerable media coverage. Click here to see the links on Reed’s website. Lavoie and other sources have confirmed that a crew from the television documentary series Unsolved Mysteries traveled to Sheffield a few weeks ago to produce a segment on the UFO story and the park.

Contacted by The Edge, Cindy Bowles, a producer for the show, would neither confirm nor deny the segment was being produced.

“Unfortunately, we are not able to confirm anything at this time,” Bowles said. “More will be announced about the series at a later date.”

Sheffield resident Trevor Young was sad to see the UFO monument’s removal. He enjoys the view of the Housatonic River. Photo: Terry Cowgill

One Sheffield resident who enjoyed the UFO park was sad to see the monument go. Trevor Young, a British native who has lived in Sheffield for 40 years, was walking his dog Lucy at the site late yesterday afternoon. Young described the town’s actions as “heavy-handed.”

“Before, it was all grown over with weeds but now you can see the river,” Young said in an interview. “I didn’t like it at first but after that, he started landscaping and I thought, ‘This is pretty good.'”

Young said he thought the more humane thing for the town to have done would have been to move the monument slightly to the north onto Aragi’s property rather than cart away the 5,000-pound concrete slab.

“This looked like guys just flexing their muscles,” Young said of town officials.

This afternoon, Reed sent The Edge a trove of email correspondences with town officials and town counsel Mark R. Reich concerning his use of the property. The Edge has not yet had a chance to review them all but when we do, another story will likely be published.

Meanwhile, Reed sent The Edge a statement concerning yesterday’s events and has announced that he will be “filing charges,” presumably through the state police because he acknowledged that thus far Sheffield police have shown “little to no interest in investigating.” See the text of the statement below:

– – – – – – – – – –

From: [Thom Reed]
Sent: Wednesday 3:26 PM
To: george.hamilton@pol.state.ma.us
Subject: UFO Monument Stolen | Filing Charges

State Police – Lee, MA

My name is Thomas E. Reed; I am the son of attorney, and Connecticut Town Selectmen, Doctor Howard Reed

As bizarre as this may sound

Our Diner in Sheffield was the centerpiece for the UFO talk back in the 1960’s. In 2015 after I took and passed my Polygraph test about the incident, WSBS Radio who aired the event gave a statement to State Historians. Our Attorney also mentioned the UFO Incident at the United Nations on Oct 2 1992. In the summer of 2015, our incident was officially inducted into State as Historically True, making U’S history, and driving TV Shows.

This monument/marker was unveiled in our honor, and covered live by ABC News NY, in August of 2015. The Governor’s office later issued a Citation inducting our event and myself into State History. The Monument is a recognized Land Mark; the marker was added as a Historic Marker in Dec 2018.

As for who placed the monument and who’s land it is

Rhonda [Labombard], Sheffield’s Town Administrator, executed the Monument’s placement in 2015. This came after a binding agreement with The Town of Sheffield, the Farmer (Land Owner) and Sheffield’s Lawyer. The area at the UFO Monument is a nationally recognized Non Profit park (UFO Monument Park Inc.) TV shows and TV celebrities also donate benches, making them Park Benefactors as well.

The Complaint:

The UFO Monument is on Private Property and has been since 2015. This was addressed via the Town and the Towns Law Firm, a contract agreement is in place. Yesterday the UFO Monument with my name affixed as well as the Governor’s was stolen. A donated park bench via an Electric Car Manufacture was also stolen. Our private property signs were found on the ground. After reporting several instances to the Sheffield police, there is little to no interest in investigating.

I am filing a report for stolen property. The monument, the sponsored bench and plaques are valued at around $3,000 dollars. There was some miss information regarding the monument being on Town property, however that is simply not so and I will attach proof of that. The Town only an old rite of passage, back when the road was open in the early 1990’s. The Town’s administrator Rhonda decided upon the Monument’s placement back in 2015, following a survey also conducted in 2015. The monument and a Park bench were taken from the UFO Monument Park, which is private property on June 5 2019. I am filing charges.

Cc | Mark Lavoie – Power of Attorney

Thom Reed

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  1. Jerry says:

    Can’t believe even the monument was abducted. Stay away from that spot if you know what’s good for you.

  2. Heidi says:

    I recently visited the park from the UK and found it quite stunning. I fail to understand what the problem is, as far as I could tell dog walkers and other members of the public alike, thought it was a wonderful addtion to the area, and from what I could tell the improvements will continue to make this a truly wonderful area for people of all ages to come and enjoy this beautiful part of the country. I understand that some people are STILL fearful and negative about the whole subject, but if the national media are beginning to open up to the idea of our being “visited” then why cant a few overgrown ego’s, in my opinion, support this as a means to “put the town on the map” as it were. Surely the local business’ can only benefit? SHAME ON YOU SHEFFIELD COUNCIL

  3. Steve Farina says:

    Sounds like the town over-stepping. If it was indeed on private property, then a right-of-way does not grant the right to remove property, unless there was an urgent need such as moving in heavy equipment to work on the bridge (or some other such thing). A right-of-way does not give ownership rights, nor the right to randomly remove private property, it is merely an easement to traverse the property.

    1. #UFOPark says:

      I am adding this to ALL comments :
      If you would like to lodge a complaint, do so as follows:
      Write to Rhonda La Bombard,Town Hall, 21 Depot Square, Sheffield, Ma 01257
      And copy the same to Massachusetts State Police Lee Barracks 215 Laurel St, Lee, MA 01238, USA

  4. John says:

    Sounds a little like when Mayor Dailey of Chicago tore up Miggs airfield in the middle of the night …

    Either there is far more to the story, or, Sheffield government has forgotten what government is….

    1. #UFOPark says:

      I am adding this to ALL comments :
      If you would like to lodge a complaint, do so as follows:
      Write to Rhonda La Bombard,Town Hall, 21 Depot Square, Sheffield, Ma 01257
      And copy the same to Massachusetts State Police Lee Barracks 215 Laurel St, Lee, MA 01238, USA

  5. Dave says:

    Shame on the town of Sheffield. We are gradually heading towards a full disclosure. Once again an example of the subject being swept under the rug and denied acceptance even after it was already established and honored. Do you think there are more important issues around the town than removing something that doesn’t bother anyone. If you don’t believe it don’t look at it pretty simple. Put your head back in the sand now that it’s gone.
    Incredibly petty and sneaky actions by those that had this removed .
    I hope they return it. Good luck Mr. Reed.🛸

    1. #UFOPark says:

      I am adding this to ALL comments :
      If you would like to lodge a complaint, do so as follows:
      Write to Rhonda La Bombard,Town Hall, 21 Depot Square, Sheffield, Ma 01257
      And copy the same to Massachusetts State Police Lee Barracks 215 Laurel St, Lee, MA 01238, USA

  6. K. C. says:

    After reading the attorney’s letter I think I would hire a new person, one who can actually write a complete sentence that makes sense.

  7. Heidi says:

    I have personally seen the agreements between the lawyers, Thom Reed and RHONDA (town administrator) with the town of Sheffield, there was a survey conducted in 2015 when Rhonda 1st placed the monument at its location. This is a personal attack on all of us as moving the monument hurts of us as you can’t have a UFO monument park without a monument. she’s trying to prevent the attention and future filming in Sheffield this was a criminal act PERIOD. Please show your support here in the comments

  8. Bill Skywatcher says:

    This goes way back…The Town Resented The Reed Family from the beginning when they first moved there and bought the Local Diner and Their Home. They in my opinion were considered “Outsiders” and then the “Thom Reed Incident” Occurred. This Town is not interested in the Attention it receives due to the Park’s Existence. They want to bury this “Historically Recognized” Site. The Question is WHY. Do they intend to try to take the Park over for their own Tourism Attraction or is it simply We Don’t Want It?. The Park is Beautiful, and many people whether Donors, Sponsors or Volunteers have put time and effort to preserve the Natural Environment/Settings Beauty. The Town of Sheffield should be ashamed of themselves and their nonsensical Actions. If this happened to me, i would sue for Damages, Theft of Property, Harassment, And Personal Injury since this is an attack on The Thom Reed Family. The Road isn’t even open to Vehicles since the Covered Bridge has barriers tp prevent Motor Vehicles. Since this Town seems to be corrupt where individuals seem to think they can act without any ramifications, i think the State needs to get involved to resolve this issue. I can personally attest that 99% of Legal Assistance in the Immediate Area doesn’t want to take a Case against the Town. Someone from the outside of Sheffield needs to take charge and make this right. We speak about those who Bully in Society…Well it seems to me that Thom Reed is being bullied by the irresponsible actions of the town and this needs to be rectified immediately. PS…Town of Sheffield Residents….Stand Up for whats Right and Speak OUT!!!

    1. Heidi says:

      well said my friend

    2. #UFOPark says:

      I am adding this to ALL comments :
      If you would like to lodge a complaint, do so as follows:
      Write to Rhonda La Bombard,Town Hall, 21 Depot Square, Sheffield, Ma 01257
      And copy the same to Massachusetts State Police Lee Barracks 215 Laurel St, Lee, MA 01238, USA

  9. Annette (Fleming) LaTour says:

    Good Old Town of Sheffield! I am a native of Sheffield. During a visit my daughter took me to see the monument and benches. I thought it was a very nice site and something that could be enjoyed by the local people and people passing through. Too bad the town government has to mess with something that looks nice What about the bridge on East Road that needs to have attention!!!! Also the roads that need work that the town crew should be out doing.

    1. #UFOPark says:

      I am adding this to ALL comments :
      If you would like to lodge a complaint, do so as follows:
      Write to Rhonda La Bombard,Town Hall, 21 Depot Square, Sheffield, Ma 01257
      And copy the same to Massachusetts State Police Lee Barracks 215 Laurel St, Lee, MA 01238, USA
      By the way, she has AMPLE concrete, but sadly is using it for bribery and corruption/racketeering purposes

  10. #UFOPark says:

    From a facebook post:
    Obviously there are petty people in Sheffield with too much time on their hands. The park wasn’t destroyed nor its beauty affected in any way with the monument there. Haters much?….smh

  11. Civil law says:

    The survey was provided just prior to the monument being placed there by Rhonda with the town of Sheffield herself. I understand that agreement has been in place for many years, by moving it is then a theft. After watching the Chronicle on a Boston station I saw the marker was also an historic landmark, and recognized nationally. I think Sheffield made a huge mistake and one that could cost the Town and all who participated dearly

  12. leslie says:

    Why would you do this? Wow, sad day! That is a part of our history!

    1. #UFOPark says:

      I am adding this to ALL comments :
      If you would like to lodge a complaint, do so as follows:
      Write to Rhonda La Bombard,Town Hall, 21 Depot Square, Sheffield, Ma 01257
      And copy the same to Massachusetts State Police Lee Barracks 215 Laurel St, Lee, MA 01238, USA

  13. Ariela Marshall says:

    The Town of Sheffield should view the UFO Park as a place visitors can come and the Park adds both beauty and value to the town of Sheffield, I am sure the Town of Sheffield has more important issues to undertake than this. It seems personal and a waste of the Towns resources.

    1. Tech-Savvy says:

      What a lousy thing to do after the good this has brought to our community. Put it back Rhonda!

  14. Shane hurd says:

    Sheffield, Please do the right thing and honor your commitments. This park causes no harm. In fact, it is a positive attraction for your community.

  15. Kane says:

    We NEED a new Administrator!
    A municipality cannot seize a State Acknowledged Monument off private property. The rite of passage angle that has become deceitfully branded as Sheffield- Property was put to bed years ago. The only obstruction is the barricaded bridge next to the monument. The monument to some, reminisce of a charlie brown Christmas tree, but its admired, loved and validates our history. Do the right thing and put it back.

  16. Heidi says:

    We NEED a new Administrator! A municipality cannot seize a State Acknowledged Monument off private property. The rite of passage angle that has become deceitfully branded as Sheffield property was put to bed years ago. The only obstruction out there is the barricaded off bridge, next to the monument. The monument to a few may be reminisce of a Charley Brown Christmas Tree, but it is admired just the same. The Monument validates our history and is personal to many. This removal was hypocritical and personal. (Section 94)

  17. Heidi says:

    UPDATE : Boulders have now been placed to prevent the upkeep of the grass etc….SERIOUSLY HOW MANY MORE ILLEGAL ACTS ARE GOING TO BE IGNORED!????

  18. #UFOPark says:

    Where are the police through all this? #JustSayin !!!

    1. William says:

      I see that there are 3 people that are the town’s Records Access Officers and that is Rhonda and the Chief of Police who are 2 of the 3. I guess that is why there was no response from the Chief of Police as he works with Rhonda.

  19. Alan B. Smith says:

    Hi Terry Cowgill. Thank you for covering this. I hope that you will continue to cover this story and keep it in the eyes of the public. This is truly an egregious act. Surely, there are more civilized ways for the town to behave. It really does come off like someone’s ego was hurt and they just has something to prove. I wish Thom Reed the best of luck in fighting this – you have the community’s support.

    1. Thom Reed | UFO Monument Park says:

      Thank You Alan. I just heard (Rhonda/Town) just barricaded off the road and entrance to the park with a half dozen Boulders. This prevents the grounds crew from maintaining the park. I’d say that’s a pretty clear violation of a common easement.



    2. William says:

      I see that there are 3 people that are the town’s Records Access Officers and that is Rhonda and the Chief of Police who are 2 of the 3. I guess that is why there was no response from the Chief of Police as he works with Rhonda. What an embarrassment they are for the town of Sheffield and how petty and ridiculous they are being. What is the harm when she approved it in the 1st place. Also thank you Terry Cowgill for the story and please continue the coverage. The amount of interest and outrage to this action is reaching the nation and growing. I have canceled my trip to visit the monument from North Carolina. Way to go Sheffield, a city that’s even stranger than the UFO incident.

  20. Heidi says:

    Messaged the PD, this was the response:
    Hi, you may direct your questions on the matter to Chief Munson at 413-229-8522. He is in the office from 830-430 Monday through Friday!

  21. Marc Dantonio says:

    I am an Astronomer, good friend and colleague of Douglas Trumbull who owned a studio in Sheffield, and Chief Photo and Video Analyst for the Mutual UFO Network. I have been following the Sheffield case for quite a while now and saw a letter from Rhonda Lombard stating that the town would have no further input into the monument since it was on private property.
    Now the monument has been taken down through what has clearly been errors in surveying property lines.

    I think that the surveyors should also be liable for the cost of bringing this monument back. The monument was placed there in good faith with full communication to and from Sheffield. It was even moved once to further promote the good faith that Thom Reed insists upon. Only HE is showing good faith here and the town has made a rash decision that is actionable.

    This will only end with the return and resetting of the monument at town expense, perhaps in a new area of the private property once surveyed properly at the expense of the town as well. After hearing what the owners of the monument have been through I wish this UFO incident happened in New Marlborough or Great Barrington. Sheffield doesnt deserve it nor the national attention and thus income from this tourist attraction.

    1. Thom Reed says:

      Well said my friend


    2. Heidi says:

      Thankyou Marc, well said as always x

    3. Carmen says:

      Well said Marc! This is so wrong what they did….We need Justice!

  22. William says:

    I have canceled plans to travel to Sheffield to see the monument and town. This town is making news across the US and possibly the world and it’s not good news. It seems that explanations are due by the town Administrator (Rhonda) and the Chief of Police. This appears like it’s a corrupt and petty township. Shame on you for this action. I hope this goes to court and finds in favor of Thom Reed and the monument group. The country is watching and Sheffield is being viewed in a darker light. Again, Shame on you!

  23. Renée Rutana says:

    I had just visited there almost two weeks ago, it was beautifully set up I. A tasteful manner. It was peaceful as I watched many people walk their dogs there, go fishing or just roaming around taking in the whole serenity of it. I checked out the monument and felt in awe that history had taken place AND been confirmed in that quaint little town of Sheffield. I thought I might make a trip out there a couple times a year and encourage others to check it out. Well today, I heard the horrible news that this park has been literally removed from one such woman, who appears to have some kind of personal vendetta against Thom Reed. I am appalled at such actions taken and hope this spiteful and petty act will be reversed. I will not be visiting or bringing my business to the town of Sheffield. AND I will dissuade anyone I know who’s interested in visiting this little Berkshire town. I thought this was the 21st century, Where witch hunts were a thing of our long and reprehensible past. I was wrong. Please return the park, along with the monument, benches, light posts, etc. to their original state.

  24. UFO-Free in SC says:

    Is this really what you people do up there? Sit around getting into spats about UFO monuments? I thought we had it bad down here in the south regarding monument issues, but man…I guess this is what happens when libs don’t have any confederate statues to get mad about.

  25. Patty Ann Brennan says:

    We are in Belgium UK and were planning a family trip to Sheffield to see the park. I don’t understand how some with an easement to a property can remove personal property. Are there not better and more positive ways to spend city funds? If I were a local I would be outraged

    1. Thom Reed | UFO Monument Park says:

      I understand Patty and once this is resolved I’ll reach out and do my best to meet you there personally. There are some very positive things in the works. With that said , if you can email me that ufomonument@gmail.com I keep you in the loop. So sorry this affected your vacation Respectfully Thom Reed

  26. Rob Janega says:

    SIn this time of growing awareness of this phenomena, their timing is most certainly off kilter.

  27. Debbie Ray says:

    The blocking /removal of this monument is an injustice. Seems as though a lot of ufo /bigfoot /paranormal things are being silenced lately. What are you afraid of ? Who is pressuring the town to close this park ? Closing a park ??? Why ? Doesn’t seem like homeless were camping there . It was beautiful . Have you heard of Pine Bush NY ? The entire town is a monument to ufo encounters . This is going to be a nightmare for this town . People are angry .

  28. Shawn Stowe says:

    This is completely ridiculous!!! How does Rhonda that gave permission for the monument to be there in the past now suddenly snap her fingers and take personal property that she did not pay for, out of a place that so many people love and have worked hard on. I can’t wait for this case to go to court and for her to look completely stupid and lose!!! Bring back the benches and the monument!!!! She is just mad that Thom and the people who built that park were able to bring something to the community. She wants to be the center of attention! This is infuriating!!

  29. Ariela Marshall says:

    This is escalating into the realm of crazy. How does one Town official decide to block the UFO entrance with Boulders. Use Town resources on things that will better the town not make it look like it is Governed by Crazy People.

  30. Mike Stevens says:

    I have a vested interest in the park. I believe history shouldn’t fit into a small box of what is socially accepted, but be a record of the truth. My heart is with the residents of Sheffield over the temporary loss of this park. The park shall be restored, and this is a shameful misuse of power. May Sheffield administrators be returned to something worthy of the people of Sheffield. This is a travesty, and one caused out of pettiness.

  31. Londa Cortile says:

    The UFO Monument ought to stay where it is. I don’t know whom this “Rhonda” person is but I’m certain that she doesn’t have the authority to remove the monument by Will and break the agreement made by the town and Yhim Reed. I will make another complaint to the Governor – If I have to. Sincerely, Linda Cortile, NYC

  32. Linda Cortile says:

    The UFO Monument needs to stay where it is. I don’t know what authority this “Rhonda” person has to remove this historical park, at Will, but she broke the town’s agreement with Thom Reed. Disgraceful! I will make a complaint to the Governor – if I have to – along with 341 other friends and acquaintances of mine. Sincerely, Linda Cortile

  33. Larry says:

    Fraud, waste, and abuse violations. Heads will have to roll. Bring the Attorney General and Inspector General in to investigate the chronic unilateral illegal use of public funds. Cleary against the will of the people.

    Haters have always tried to erase history, tamper with evidence, and drown out the numerous testimonies of these true events in a feeble attempt to minimize and deny real history of a protected group. Shame on you Rhonda Labrombard.

    Who appointed her? …and do they still stand by her? If so, then their prudence must be scrutinized and reviewed as well.

    Go after all the unindicted co-conspirators. Perhaps a congressional is in order.

    In closing, a public apology, swift justice, and restitution is the only acceptable outcome.

  34. John says:

    Town government resembles the Klingon empire…

  35. Heidi says:


    Travis Walton : Wow! Dirty dealings! I’m furious! In our constitutional system public officials can only do the will of those who elected them. Their secrecy telegraphs their guilt and awareness that they had something to hide. A corrupt unilateral abuse of authority.. Various legal definitions of vandalism, theft etc. I’ll be on Coast To Coast tonight for 4 hours from 10:00 pm to 2 am. Give me some contact info for the perpetrators. The perpetrators need to hear from some of the millions of concerned listeners about this outrage!

  36. Kathy says:

    I agree with many others that this tragic situation of removing a historical monument from a beautiful park seems to be a personal attack on Thom Reed and his family! To go to such lengths as to block the road to prevent those who mantain the UFO park just seems like a personal vendetta! Then the cowardly people cannot be reached for comment?! I would really love to hear why the monument was ok’d to be placed there only to be in the wrong place years later. So certain ignorant people wanted to silence the Thom Reed UFO monument park? This ploy did not work, I believe they just made the park even more known, nationally known for how significantly important this park is to so many people, believers or not!

  37. Heidi says:

    Travis Walton will be discussing this on tonights Coast to Coast radio show:


  38. Richard Linn says:

    Why would a town Administration remove tourist attraction? Rules for Socialist Radicals includes the removal of the peoples History, but I never thought it would be applied to a tourist attraction of a very solid UFO Event ! You can’t tell me they couldn’t work something out esp. with benches and lights remaining. Seems like Elitist knowing what is best for everyone.

    1. John says:

      This is what happens when government grows to be both the police and the judge. Many government agencies have the same behavior now. Best way to manage this behavior is to defund it
      Less is more

  39. #UFOPark says:


    LETTER TO : Supervisor Rhonda La Bombard,Town Hall, 21 Depot Square, Sheffield, Ma 01257 AND COPY IN : Massachusetts State Police Lee Barracks at 413-243-0600 call for their address

  40. Heidi says:

    If you would like to lodge a complaint, do so as follows:
    Write to Rhonda La Bombard,Town Hall, 21 Depot Square, Sheffield, Ma 01257
    And copy the same to Massachusetts State Police Lee Barracks 215 Laurel St, Lee, MA 01238, USA

  41. Charlie Bar says:

    Take the town to court… this is nonsense and an abuse of power

  42. Concerned onlooker says:

    Local police have stated apparently “they cannot get involved in this politically charged case” ARE YOU SERIOUS?

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