Scene III: Wookie, a small town play

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Adam Gudeon

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Wookie walks past Town Hall and sees a Black Lives Matter protest. He stops and listens. 

Protestor #1: All lives matter.

Protestor #2: White lives already matter. The point is the black body is a crime.

Protestor #3: And the female body.

Protestor #4: And the queer body.

Protestor #1 (ugly smirk): What crime is the female body?

Protestor #3: Rape. The presupposition of a violatable body.

Protestor #1: The presupposition?

Protestor #4: And the trans body.

Protestor #2: And the poor body

Protestor #3: And the latino body and the native body and the asian body.

Protestor #4: And the muslim body.

Protestor #2: And the disabled body.

Protestor #1: So….my body is safe?

Protestor #2: Your body is the house around which the gates are built.

Protestor #4: You ARE the State.

Protestor #1: The state? I am Massachusetts?

Protestor #3: And Delaware. And Texas. And Iowa —

Protestor #4: The State. The network of institutions that protect private wealth.

Protestor #2: The white male body, the police, the prisons, the schools.

Protestor #3: The selectboard.

Protestor #1: The select board is attacking the black body?

Protestor #2: What happened at the high school last year? Where is community education around hate crimes and institutional racism?

Protestor #3: We talk about bullying like race doesn’t exist.

Protestor #4: Who are the real bullies?

Protestor #1: There’s one black person in gb.

Protestor #2: And 2,999 white liberals.

Protestor #2, 3, 4 (to protestor #1): Why are you here?

Protestor #1: Because white lives anti-matter.

Protestor #2, 3, 4: White liberal lives anti-matter.

Protestor #1: You ganging up on me now?

Scene. wookie runs into sonia at the co-op

wookie: yikes

sonia: what’s up?

wookie: stopped by the black lives matter protest

sonia: cause…you’re really black right?

wookie: i was black –

sonia: before it was cool to be black. black flag and black aren’t the same thing wookie

wookie: i swear — you wear black for 30 days —

sonia: how was the protest?

wookie: dicey. 2nd homie wasn’t down with the homies

sonia: how do you know it was a 2nd homie?

wookie: new york license plate

sonia: and?

wookie: he had a yurt in his backpack? he had a guy shoveling his path as he walked? he thinks Robin’s Candy shop is cute?

sonia (smiling): how’s the living situation?

wookie: dicey

sonia: theme?

wookie: they post trespassers names on the bulletin board in the center of town

sonia: very scarlet letter

wookie: on a field, sable, the letter A, gules


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