Sale of artwork will benefit community by modernizing Berkshire Museum

In a letter to the editor the signatories write: "The departure [of 40 works of art from the Berkshire Museum] will bring about something so much more priceless than what they're worth — enriched experiences for a changing community."

To the Editor:

We are artists, small business owners, parents, and Berkshire community members, and we support the Berkshire Museum’s bold plan and vibrant vision to bring the museum into the 21st century so it can continue to creatively serve all of us.

Thoughtful, proactive change is the only thing that will save our Berkshires from a rapidly declining population and rising income inequality. We have watched the Clark Art Institute, Mass MoCA and Barrington Stage Company take bold steps to expand their footprints and their missions to better serve our community in recent years, and we are excited that Berkshire Museum will be next.

We are impressed with the museum’s extensive 2-year master planning process and welcome the significant infusion of funding into our creative economy to go towards the renovation of the museum and the expansion of their endowment, allowing them to focus on serving our community. We trust the Berkshire Museum.

We understand and sympathize with the sadness among some that 40 works of art will no longer live in the Berkshires. But they will not be forgotten, and their departure will bring about something so much more priceless than what they’re worth — enriched experiences for a changing community.

We are excited to imagine the possibilities that will come to life with this bold step forward, and will let the museum lead the way with our full support.

Among those who signed this letter, in alphabetical order by first name:

Alan Bauman, Pittsfield ma
Alan R. Sandstrom
Alanna Kellogg, Schenectady, NY
Alexandra & Andrew Groff, City Residents
Alexandra Heddinger
Alice and Brian McGowan, Egremont MA
Alicia Ouellette, Slingerlands NY, educator.
Alison Basdekis, Stephentown, NY (educator, parent, small business owner)
Allison Lassoe Sheffield MA
Amy Krzanik, Cheshire, Mass.
Amy Rudnick, Sheffield, MA
Andi McGraw
Andrea Sholler, Managing Director, Jacob’s Pillow Dance
Andrew Foster, West Stockbridge, MA
Andrew W. Kelly, performing jazz musician, music educator, businessperson, youth sports coach, former Pittsfield mayoral candidate
Anita Stuart
Anna Traggio Educator
Annee Goodchild Pittsfield, MA artist
Audrey Bowen Pittsfield, MA
Barbara Roberts, Pittsfield, MA, Retired Educator
Bart Mosley, Stockbridge, MA
Ben Urmston, Sheffield, MA
Beth Hammond
Betsy Hayes Longmeadow MA 01106 (retired educator)
Bonnie Hoskeer Kirchner
Brian Butterworth, Acton, MA Berkshires Cheerleader
Brody McCauley
C J Bolster, Pittsfield MA
Cara and Lance Vermeulen
Carly Gaherty Pittsfield, MA 01201
Carmen Dockery Perkins, Lakeville, CT, Parent and Educator
Carolyn Butler – Lenox, MA – community member
Cathy Deely, Pittsfield, MA community volunteer
Charlie Noyes, Salisbury, CT Artist & Educator
Chloë Geffken
Chris Freeman Stonington, CT Non-profit professional
Chris Parkinson
Christina Wynn, Pittsfield, MA
Christine Condaris, Williamstown MA educator
Christopher Guidette, Otis, MA — member, OLLI Board of Directors
Christy Curran, Needham Mass. Former Berkshire School parent
Churchill Cotton, Pittsfield MA Grandparent
Cindy Freeman
Claudia Perles, Lenox, MA Philanthropist
Colin D. Sykes, Pittsfield MA
Colin Mathews
Dan Mead and Sally Eagle
Darcie Sosa, Dalton MA, Marketing Manager, Freelance Writer, Art lover, Museum lover
Dave Sondrini, Northampton, MA
David S. Rosenthal 2 Field Road Stockbridge, MA 01262
David Tierney -Pittsfield, Massachusetts-business owner
Dennis Kinne, Pittsfield MA
Diana LaCasse, educator and parent
Elizabeth (elizag) Gordon
Elizabeth DeMarco, Artist and Business Owner, Pittfield, MA
Ellie Lovejoy, Mount Washington, MA — Parent, Educator
Emil J. George, Attorney
Eric Mabee
Evan Hickok, Pittsfield MA. Engineer, manager, parent, art and science lover
Evan Lurie, Lanesborough, MA
Faith Gagliardi, Pittsfield MA, community member
Frances Jones-Sneed, Williamstown, MA, Educator
Gail Krumpholz , Pittsfield MA
Gail Street. Lenox,Ma.
Gary Pemble
Gary Schiff, Lenox, MA
Gina Foley
Greer Hed, parent, Pittsfield MA
Heather Gallagher, Pittsfield, MA
Holly Smith-Bove, Hatfield, MA, former museum director
Howie Marshall
Jackie Melendez
Jackie Thomas, Lee, MA, parent
James Sylvia Pittsfield MA, Dad, Photographer, Business Owner
Jan Charbonneau, Lenox, MA Retired Educator
Jed Scala, Great Barrington, MA
Jeffrey St. John, M.D., Pittsfield, MA (Parent and museum member)
Jenn Gomez, Pittsfield, MA
Jennifer A. Hines
Jennifer Gaenzle Smith, Sheffield, MA
Jenny Benson Pittsfield, Ma, Business owner
Jenny Wright, Pittsfield MA
Jeremy LaCasse, Educator and Parent
Jesse McCauley
Jessica Provenz, parent, writer
Jill Vantine, Norfolk, CT 06058…Parent and realtor
Jim McKellar, Becket MA
JoAnne Moran Pittsfield, MA
Jocelyn Chapman
Joe & Laurie Gallagher Pittsfield MA
John Krol, Pittsfield MA, small business owner, husband, father, city councilor
John Toole, business owner, Lee,Ma.
Jonah J. Sykes, Chair of Berkshire Young Professionals
Judith Frost
Judith winters
Jules Seltzer Pittsfield, MA business owner
Julia Doyle, Pittsfield MA. Business owner and parent.
Kaitlyn Pierce
Karden Rabin
Karen Rowe
Karin Noyes Salisbury CT, Artist and art appreciator, 30+ year resident of Western New England
Kat Lockridge, Lee, Ma 1Berkshire Board member, owner, Classical Tents and Party Goods
Kate Moran and Rafi Pitts, Los Angeles, CA, Artists
Katherine Casey
Kendal Phipps
Kenneth M. Shearn
Kevin Kraham, Pittsfield, MA
Kim and Dennis Kinne, Pittsfield, MA
Laura Bushey
Laurie Grusauski, Salisbury, CT
Laurie Tierney -Pittsfield Massachusetts -business owner
Leah Thompson
Leigh Sylvia, pittsfield ma, parent
Leslie Sears, Dalton, MA, stage manager
Letty Downs, Lakeville, CT educator
Lindsay Codwise, Pittsfield, MA
Lindsey Marion
Lisa Kuerzel, Montague, MA (Educator)
Lisa Martin, Richmond MA
Lola Jaffe – Stockbridge Ma. resident
Lyn Biasin
Lynne Mazzeo Pittsfield Mass
Marc J. Wrzesinski, Photographer, Pittsfield, MA
Marcia Mitchell, Lee, MA – small business owner, grad student, millennial badass
Marcia Z. Feuer, Richmond, Community Member, Grandparent
Marissa Dubecky, Pittsfield, MA
Marjorie Cohan Pittsfield MA
Mark Pedrotti, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Vice President – Marketing at Berkshire Bank
Mark Tomasi, Pittsfield, MA
Mary Ann Fanning, Excellent letter.
Mary Garnish Bauman, self-employed graphic designer, Garnish Design
Mary Huth Pittsfield, Ma
Maxine Bookless, Pittsfield, MA
Megan Whilden, former Director of Cultural Development for the City of Pittsfield
Meghan St. John Pittsfield, MA
Melissa Bissell Pittsfield, MA parent, photographer
Melissa Quirk Cairns, Berkshire, MA, parent, educator, poet
Michael and Lynne Mazzeo, Pittsfield Ma, business owner
Michael Mazzeo
Michael Vincent Bushy, Pittsfield
Michelle Artioli, Pittsfield MA, Downtown Pittsfield Business Owner
Mr and Mrs Gerald S. Doyle, Jr.
Mr and Mrs Paul J. Capitanio
Matthew Chester, Stockbridge, MA Role, business owner
Nan Bookless, Pittsfield, MA; owner/partner BookMarc Creative; graphic designer and fine artist
Natalie Johnsonius Neubert
Pamela Downing Pittsfield MA
Pamela Effrein Sandstrom
Pamela Knisley
Parker Chandler of Pittsfield, MA; Educator, Parent, BM Member
Pat Cotton , Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Paul M. Byrd, Pittsfield, MA. Structural Engineer and appointed member of the Pittsfield Historical Commission
Peter & Robin Buratto
Peter Garlington Pittsfield MA, Designer, parent, art lover
Peter Lafayette Pittsfield, MA
Peter Merwin Pittsfield MA
Phil Coleman, Business Owner
Phyllis Criddle, North Adams, MA.
PJ Danahey Pittsfield, MA – business owner
Priscilla Wolf, Educator, Lakeville, CT
Rachel Mabee
Rebecca Marzotto
Regina Burgio, Pittsfield, MA (designer/business owner)
Renee and Steven Erenburg Richmond MA
Richard Rowe, Dalton, MA, President, U.S. Government Products, Crane Currency
Richard Squailia, West Stockbridge, MA Business Owner
Robert Grien, Board Member of IS 183 and Fine Art Photographer
Robin McGraw , President, Black Rock Foundation, Major supporter of Berkshire Museum
Roger Gutwillig, museum volunteer
Rose Ellis, Williamstown, MA, Former Superintendent of Schools
Sandra Lanning – pro science & pro solvency parent and engineer
Sandra L. Burton
Sara Paul, Hinsdale MA
Seth Nash, Lenox MA
Shannon Costello, Brooklyn, NY, MCLA Alumni & Nonprofit Administrator
Sharon Chambliss, Clifton Park, NY
Stan Spencer, Lenox, MA Spoken Word Poet and Storyteller
Stephanie Iverson, parent + artist
Stephanie Merwin Pittsfield, MA, Parent
Steven Green
Susan Finnegan, Emerson NJ
Susan Kelly, Pittsfield , Ma. Psychotherapist, museum volunteer.
Tammy Decker Sharon CT, Teacher
Tessa Kelly
Nancy Vale, Lenox, MA, This decision to move ahead and preserve our wonderful Museum in a new and expanded way to keep up with the ever changing times is wonderful!! I wholeheartedly support this effort! I am a parent, grandparent, educator and concerned citizen of the Berkshires
Tom & Suky Werman, Lenox MA
Tom Biasin
Tracey Garlington – Richmond, Ma
William Hines, Sr., Retired Founder of Interprint, Inc.
William Yehle