Richard Long endorsed for New Marlborough selectman

To the editor:

We are eager to share with New Marlborough residents our excitement about the candidacy of Richard Long for election to the board of selectmen. Richard is running to fill an open spot on the board. Electing Richard would bring a fresh new talent to our board, gained from long experience in senior executive management as well as his more recent deep service involvement in New Marlborough issues.

You may already know of his diligent efforts as chairman of the broadband committee to bring a high-speed internet solution to our town. Despite numerous obstacles, he led his committee in successfully achieving a win for our town while minimizing cost and avoiding operating risk. 

He also serves as a member of the finance committee and treasurer of the cultural council. And many of you have probably met him as a participant in our local farmers market.

We know Richard places great value in listening openly to our opinions and concerns. He believes strongly in studying issues carefully, and he will bring integrity and objectivity to decision-making. He is a pragmatic, get-it-done leader.

Please vote for Richard Long for selectman Monday, May 13, from noon to 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

David Lowman
Teena and Charlie Parton
Linda and Ken Fass
Jess and Todd Holcomb
Owen Hoberman

New Marlborough