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Peggy Reeves
Pooja Ru Prema in "Endure."

Review: Pooja Ru Prema’s ‘Endure’ lights up the Green River

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By Tuesday, Jun 10, 2014 Arts & Entertainment 5

Great Barrington — Staged at a magical spot in the Green River, where the shallow waters cross back on themselves, Pooja Ru Prema’s latest performance piece, “Endure,” is a gorgeous experience.   The piece spans the worlds of classical Indian dance, Martha Graham and Elvis Presley, and mobilizes tiny boats, lights, umbrellas, cymbals and kimonos in a series of beautifully crafted, arresting tableaux.

“Endure” invokes the sacred aura of ancient temple performance. Yet it is intimately accessible as Pooja dances, sings and mimes the universal themes of loving and letting go of love. Her accompanists include two musicians and one of the Berkshires’ most stunningly beautiful landscapes.

Pooja is a charismatic artist who is able to transform her body into many personae. She is almost waiflike singing and playing the ukulele, while elsewhere her small, lithe body seems to become a larger, more attenuated vehicle for the transmission of sacred knowledge. She wades and dances through the water, her kimono dragging and flowing. She sets tiny paper boats sailing into the river with fragile, flickering candles.

For nearly 10 minutes of her half-hour performance, it is her heavily outlined eyes that do most of the performing. From her chair set in the middle of the river, Pooja’s eyes tell us a love story using the vocabulary of facial expression, movement and gesture derived from classical Sanskrit theater of south India.

Pooja has created a deeply personal aesthetic that mines ancient and modern forms. It is challenging and wondrous and a must-see. You’ll have that opportunity from June 13 through 16, at 7 p.m, on the Green River at the corner of Seekonk Cross Road and West Plain Road. Admission is $15.


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  1. Pooja Ru Prema says:

    I’m honored to receive such a review Tamar thank you! Tonight (Friday’s) performance has been moved to Tuesday night due to rain. Sat, Sun, and mOn will continue as scheduled.

    1. Robin goldberg says:

      I hope you are considering doing a repeat performance, as I would love to experience your work.

  2. John Prusinski says:

    A magical performance, highly recommended.

  3. Kurt G. Kruger says:

    Moving, elegant, charming.

  4. Judy says:

    Pooja’s performance was as magical as the setting. She is a talented actress, dancer, musician, singer, producer of fascinating works. What can’t this amazing woman do?! I particularly enjoyed the evening birds, who lent their low-flying movements to the piece. A beautiful evening!

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