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Report from La Biennale di Venezia!

Between feasts at local restaurants, Virginia Bradley visits art exhibits in Venice. Or is it the other way around? Today, glass art on the island of Murano.

Editor’s note: Virginia Bradley, a Berkshire-based artist who was invited to exhibit her works at the 2024 Venice Biennale, continues her exclusive reports to The Edge from Venice.

Tasja Keetman and I arrived in Venice on April 3rd to install my exhibition. Venice welcomed us with glorious sunshine and 80-degree temperatures for our first two weeks.  We spent one Sunday at the Lido where people were swimming in the Adriatic.  On April 18th my wonderful friends and supporters from the Berkshires arrived just in time to attend the opening of my exhibit “Raptrous Alchemy”—and brought Berkshire weather with them!

Pizza and arancini at Majer Bakery in the Durosoduro district of Venice. Photo byVirginia Bradley

We have been juggling visits to Biennale events with intermittent feasting. Fasting doesn’t exist in Italy! All while surviving the winds, rain and cold temperatures.

Sliced tuna at Oniga Restaurant in the Dorsoduro section of Venice. Photo by Diane Pearlman

I still have not made it to the actual Biennale as I have had commitments around my own exhibition but promise to report on the Biennale soon.  In the meantime, we went to Murano yesterday to see the Glasstress Exhibition (and managed a bit of shopping along the way).  I am not an art glass expert but have included some of my favorites from Glasstress below.

Biennale Collateral Event: Glasstress  
Berengo Foundation Studios, Murano Island
Murano and Contemporary Art in Glass

The creation of Venetian glass has been centered on Murano since the 13th century when Venice became an independent city state and a major trading center a gateway to the Middle East . Venice ‘s proximity to Syria and Egypt was advantageous as glass techniques in the Middle East were very advanced. Slowly the Venetian artists absorbed knowledge through trade and migration and Murano became the center for luxury glass from the 15th to 17th century.

Today, Murano is known for contemporary art glass. Hope you enjoy the variety and vitality from the 2024 Glasstress exhibition below.

Below:” In The Mist Of It All”  Laurie Prouvost, glass and mixed media installation.    Photos by Virginia Bradley





Below: “Same But Only Different”  Chila Kumari and Singh Burman.   Photos by Virginia Bradley



Below: “Nido /Corona”  Feriba Feridosi. Photo by Virginia Bradley


Below: “Surrogate ”   Erwin Wurm     Photos by Diane Pearlman



Below: “Dancing With The Light,” “Carta Mundi,” “Midnight Waterlilies”  Laurent Reypens,  Photo by Virginia Bradley


Below: “Citta Arca” Ornella Cardillo. Photo by Virginia Bradley


Below: Group photo with works by Tony Cragg on left. Photo by Virginia Bradley


Below: “Long Winter”  Marya Kazoun.  Photo by Virginia Bradley



Below: “Paradisi” Alfredo Pirri.  Photos by Virginia Bradley

An amazing interactive installation – walking on the glass floor! And the sun arrived just in time for the last photo!





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